Breaking News :£30m player needs to leave Arsenal before the deadline, it’s time to be selfish. - sportupdate
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Breaking News :£30m player needs to leave Arsenal before the deadline, it’s time to be selfish.



During his tenure as Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta has never been hesitant to make resolute decisions.

Arteta stood firm on his decision, whether it involved dismissing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or neglecting Mesut Ozil.


Crystal Peace (FBL-ENG-PR-ARSENAL)Despite the fact that such situations have been marginally less prevalent over the past season or so, Arteta has nonetheless made a number of divisive choices.


The acquisition of Kai Havertz continues to cause controversy among fans.Although the German is constantly improving and is not inherently a poor player, many believed that the money should have been spent on a goal-scoring striker.


Furthermore, the signing of David Raya was met with similar skepticism, as a considerable number of supporters were perfectly satisfied with Aaron Ramsdale in goal.


Ramsdale, who was once regarded as one of the most promising goalkeepers in international football, is currently a number two.Furthermore, with the January transfer window closing in less than a week, Ramsdale may decide to abandon Arteta’s Arsenal side for his own benefit.


After Mikel Arteta’s rejection, Aaron Ramsdale should contemplate a move away from Arsenal.

Although numerous supporters may argue that Ramsdale’s inclusion in the England squad is his primary motivation for leaving North London, this may not be entirely accurate.


It is not possible that Gareth Southgate will alter the fact that Jordan Pickford is his number one.


It is time for Ramsdale to be completely self-absorbed and focus on his own development, which Arteta has halted at Arsenal.


One might consider securing a loan agreement with a club in England or abroad for the upcoming half-year.



Given how content Arteta is with Raya, it appears virtually certain that Ramsdale will depart permanently in the summer.


Saturday against Crystal Palace, the manager’s response to Raya’s contribution to the club’s third goal was self-explanatory: he is completely smitten with his new acquisition.Since joining Arsenal from Sheffield United for £30 million, Ramsdale has had tremendous success and vastly improved.


However, in order to sustain his ascent, it is evident that Ramsdale must resume his regular football schedule; this will not occur while Raya is in charge.


Kalvin Phillips’s protracted stay with Manchester City has been the subject of much speculation, and Ramsdale does not wish to find himself in the same predicament.