‘He’s one of a kind’… Paul Merson says 24-year-old Arsenal player is completely unique. - sportupdate
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‘He’s one of a kind’… Paul Merson says 24-year-old Arsenal player is completely unique.



‘He is unique in nature’… Paul Merson asserts that the 24-year-old Arsenal player is unparalleled.Declan Rice was acquired by Arsenal for £105 million during the summer, and such a price tag is justified only for an individual who is unparalleled.

Although football economics are not as straightforward as those of other markets, the fundamental concept of supply and demand remains applicable.



Although Rice may not be the greatest player in the world, he is currently one of only a handful of holding midfielders in England of the highest caliber.


In fact, Paul Merson, speaking on Jeff Stelling’s Football’s Greatest podcast, has been observing that Declan Rice is an exceptional defensive midfielder for England at the moment. Merson claims that coaches are neglecting that position from an early age in order to address the current dearth of such players.Rice is unique, according to Merson, who described the Arsenal star.


“To put it simply, I do not comprehend it.” Merson remarked, “Everyone says we don’t produce holding midfielders; Declan Rice is the only one; he’s unique; the issue is that we work with wingers and full-backs; it’s a thing; if you’re a winger, you go back to full-back.”


Perfect spot on

Merson is entirely correct in stating that instructors have begun to disregard the concept of utilizing these conventional number sixes.


Even though he began his career slated to play center-back for West Ham, Rice has been the only one to persevere for an extended period of time. However, he ended up in midfield by accident rather than on purpose.The fact that we appear to be moving away from producing traditional defensive midfield players is not inherently a good thing for the future of the English national team or the Premier League’s tactical equilibrium. However, there will always be debate regarding the duties of youth coaches.