Chris Sutton thinks ‘really upset’ Arsenal man is secretly loving what’s just happened. - sportupdate
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Chris Sutton thinks ‘really upset’ Arsenal man is secretly loving what’s just happened.



Chris Sutton feels “extremely distressed.” A man from Arsenal is discreetly delighted by recent events.According to Chris Sutton, Mikel Arteta is allegedly taking pleasure in rumors about FC Barcelona in covert, notwithstanding the Arsenal manager’s recent remarks.

The former Manchester City coach has been heavily linked with a move to Catalonia this week, following Xavi Hernandez’s announcement on Sunday that he will be departing Barcelona at the end of the summer.The Spanish media pounced on the bandwagon linking Arteta to the position almost immediately, and Arsenal manager Arsenal stated yesterday at a press conference that he was “extremely upset” with the rumors.


Sutton, however, has now proposed the theory on the Monday Night Club that Arteta is secretly ecstatic about these new ties to Barcelona, a club where the Arsenal manager may eventually end up.


“I do not consider it to be a significant issue. Too much has been said about it. Since he has been affiliated with it, it is only natural for him to respond, “No, I am staying at Arsenal and concentrating on that.”


“It has no intention of derailment.” He will truly be flattered. It will be adored by him on the inside. He is likely to ultimately join Barcelona. “His contract has only 18 months remaining, which I find to be an extremely intriguing fact.”


Mikel Arteta appears unlikely to opt to transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona.As the erstwhile captain of Arsenal’s touchline at Emirates Stadium, Arteta has demonstrated throughout the years that he is an ardent manager.


And while the Basque coach may have been mildly elated by the rumors that Arteta was being considered for the position at Barcelona, the truth is that the player is more likely to remain at Arsenal for a few more years before moving on.


As is common knowledge, the former City manager has set north London a Premier League championship as his objective; Arteta came dangerously close to achieving this last season.


And while it is gratifying to be linked with Barcelona, Arteta’s remarks this week demonstrate that the 41-year-old is content at Arsenal and desires to continue his career.