'Even if he does not score': Fabio Capello says £54m Man City player is a bigger difference-maker than Haaland. - sportupdate
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‘Even if he does not score’: Fabio Capello says £54m Man City player is a bigger difference-maker than Haaland.



“Even if he does not score,” says Fabio Capello of the £54 million Manchester City player, “is he a greater differentiator than Haaland.”Kevin De Bruyne, in the opinion of Fabio Capello, has a greater impact on Manchester City than Erling Haaland.

It has been a subject of contention since Erling Haaland joined Pep Guardiola’s squad whether he or Kevin De Bruyne is more valuable to the group.Undoubtedly, some, including Rio Ferdinand, consider Rodri to be the most indispensable member for this City squad.


Fabio Capello asserts that Kevin De Bruyne’s impact on Manchester City is greater than that of Erling Haaland.

His remarkable goal tally since Haaland’s arrival may make it difficult for some to contend that he is more crucial to the success of the Sky Blues than the £54 million (The Telegraph) attacking midfielder.


There are those who contend that De Bruyne’s extended participation in their sustained dominance at the Etihad Stadium renders his game-changing ability superior to that of the others.Kevin De Bruyne, according to Fabio Capello, is the more crucial player for Manchester City’s fortunes, not Erling Haaland.”Undoubtedly, Real Madrid and Manchester City are the heavy favorites to win the Champions League.” “[Kevin] De Bruyne, the player who makes the difference, has been recovered by City,” he told MARCA.


“[Erling] Haaland’s goal-scoring is decisive, but De Bruyne is the player who can create an unbalanced play in the most critical moments, even if he does not score.”


Kevin De Bruyne is the most influential player at Etihad Stadium.

Although it could be argued that Rodri is the most indispensable player for Manchester City, Fabio Capello’s preference for Kevin De Bruyne over Erling Haaland in terms of their respective capabilities to alter the course of a game is hardly implausible.Although Haaland’s extraordinary prowess in scoring is unquestionably hazardous, De Bruyne has demonstrated his ability to create magic from nothing for nearly a decade while playing for City.


Notably, the Belgian midfielder could conceivably destroy any opponent in the world single-handedly on a consistent basis, a claim that may be difficult to make regarding any other Manchester City player.


Regarding game-changers at the Etihad Stadium, we consider De Bruyne to be unrivaled.