Pep Guardiola addresses rumours about his future amid speculation he could quit the job. - sportupdate
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Pep Guardiola addresses rumours about his future amid speculation he could quit the job.



Pep Guardiola responds to rumors regarding his future in the midst of speculation that he may resign.Pep Guardiola, who has also addressed his long-

term future at Manchester City, has confirmed that he will consult with his family prior to committing to a new contract with the organization.The City hierarchy is eager for the Spaniard to sign an extension to his contract before the conclusion of next season, as his current agreement is set to expire.


Longtime rival of Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, has declared his intention to resign as Liverpool manager at the conclusion of the current season, following a tenure of nine years at the club.


The Etihad Stadium patrons would be concerned that Guardiola does not repeat Klopp’s error. The City manager has declared that, prior to determining whether to remain at the club, he will assess his rapport with his squad. He declined to respond to a query regarding whether or not he would enter into another contract.


“We must observe the conduct of the players to determine if we are maintaining our standards,” Guardiola told reporters.”Within the next nine seasons, there will have been quite some time.” An extension granted after two years is distinct from one granted after nine. There is ample time at our disposal [to make a decision]. Now, however, I feel fantastic.”


Guardiola has secured three extension contracts with the club since his 2016 arrival: 2018, 2020, and 2022. The former Barcelona manager further stated that whenever the moment comes, he discusses his future with City with his closest and dearest.


“When I make the decision to extend my contract, it is typically a hasty one. My instincts and sentiments are reliable, and my family is involved. The time required to present [a new agreement] by [City] is consistently brief. “I will feel good and everything will be fine when they want me to be.”


“I have developed into a higher-quality manager,” the City executive continued. “I have become more adept at determining when to work and when to disconnect.””I was obsessed with Barcelona when I first arrived.” However, I am now able to watch television on the couch without worrying about football. That is beneficial to me because it increases my desire to reconnect.


“Previously, I was preoccupied with whether I was overlooking something or whether I was not being sufficiently professional. “I comprehend that was an error, and it is preferable to produce work of superior quality.”