Paul Merson thinks £55m Manchester City player does whatever he wants under Pep Guardiola. - sportupdate
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Paul Merson thinks £55m Manchester City player does whatever he wants under Pep Guardiola.



Paul Merson has now asserted that Kevin De Bruyne performs at Manchester City according to his own preferences while under Pep Guardiola.

The 55-year-old made the remarks on the Football’s Greatest podcast while discussing system players with Jeff Stelling.Further, what was Paul Merson’s assessment of Kevin De Bruyne? Let’s examine it…


The words of Paul Merson concerning Kevin De Bruyne

Stelling and Merson engaged in conversation regarding the aforementioned subject of operating outside the confines of a regimented tactical system and being a maverick.


At that moment, the Arsenal legend mentioned De Bruyne, stating that the Belgium international is one of the limited number of players who are currently free to do as they please on the field.


Merson stated, “When playing for Manchester City, one must maintain a high level of performance. Are you able to act that way now? I am unsure. Kevin De Bruyne, to be precise, does he not? “I believe they devise a strategy to involve De Bruyne in order to force events to occur.”Under Guardiola, the 32-year-old has earned the right to do so.Undoubtedly, the Spaniard is an ardent coach who enjoys micromanaging his charges’ positions on the field and is frequently observed instructing them in tactics in front of thousands of spectators.


Guardiola has never publicly engaged in such an exchange with De Bruyne, which suggests the 53-year-old already accomplishes everything he desires and that coaching him is unnecessary.Kevin De Bruyne should be granted autonomy by Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

Guardiola effectively manages De Bruyne; why attempt to restrict or limit a player of his caliber when you can allow him to travel freely?It would be absurd to overburden the £55 million player with tactical information; if left to his own devices, he will almost always lead Manchester City to victory.


Despite the fact that De Bruyne turns 33 in June and has been linked with a move away, it is hoped that he will continue to destroy Premier League opponents for many more years.