Kyle Walker 'wanted two families after fathering a son and daughter with Lauryn Goodman... before his infidelity was discovered by wife Annie Kilner'. - sportupdate
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Kyle Walker ‘wanted two families after fathering a son and daughter with Lauryn Goodman… before his infidelity was discovered by wife Annie Kilner’.



Kyle Walker purportedly entreated Lauryn Goodman to serve as his “little secret” following the footballer’s pregnancy during his marriage to Annie Kilner.A two-year matrimonial union between Manchester City player Kyle and Annie has come to an end following the England fullback’s admission that he co-fathered the child with influential individual Goodman.

A companion of Lauryn has since claimed that prior to the revelation of his infidelity, he believed he could “juggle two families.”


The friend revealed to the Mirror, “Kyle believed Annie would not be the wiser if he had two families.” He was content to simply have and consume his cake.


Annie’s sister has denounced Lauryn for her persistent “torture and cruelty” subsequent to the confirmation that Kyle is the biological father of her infant daughter. Kairo, who is three years old, was born to the footballer and Goodman in 2020, during their previous separation from Kilner.


Seven months pregnant with their fourth child, the brunette, who first met Walker when they were both adolescents, is the parent of the couple’s three sons.


Sian Kilner, sister of Kilner, criticized Goodman on Instagram on Monday evening for continuing to provoke the mother of three despite being aware of her pregnancy.


She composed the following: “@lauryngoodman91” When will your agony conclude? My seven-month-pregnant sibling has been subjected to your cruelty for nearly five years. What is your objective? To determine the extent of tension that a pregnant woman can endure? To fabricate a victim narrative regarding your actions? Clearly, you lack empathy; however, this degree of malevolence is uncontrollable and detrimental to all, but particularly the children.


She refuted Goodman’s allegation that she and Walker were in a romantic relationship, which the footballer denies, and continued, “Stop making accusations against others; your true self has been exposed.” The purported “loving relationship” is merely a pretense. Nobody is being fooled, so why don’t you simply quit and give us all a break?


Furthermore, he consumes one can of sugar, one can of Nestle Coffee Mate, and one can of semi-skimmed milk. However, you obtain that coffee at home… Avoid those found in hotels or on Air B&B.


Additionally, Sian uploaded a photo of herself and Kilner during a vacation abroad, accompanied by the caption “A queen never allows her crown to slip.” Walker is making every effort to save his marriage to Kilner, the spouse of his three other children, after she evicted him from their £2.7 million residence due to a succession of infidelity-related scandals.


However, after perusing Walker’s account of the events and his efforts to minimize their connection, Lauryn stated that the two individuals had a “prolonged, intimate, affectionate, and loving relationship.”


“Lauryn is cognizant of the interview that Kyle Walker, the biological father of her two young children, conducted for a newspaper today,” her spokesman informed MailOnline.


“Although she is reluctant to divulge specifics at this juncture, she is disheartened by his distorted account of the events—as it contradicts her own recollection of their enduring, close-knit, affectionate, and loving relationship.”After verifying her memory by reviewing numerous years’ worth of correspondence exchanged between them, she is perplexed as to how he appears to have forgotten their numerous deeply intimate exchanges and cherished family memories involving their children.


“The account he is disseminating to the general public is not accurate.”


“He employs a prominent public relations firm and conducts interviews that propagate an entirely false narrative by leveraging his athletic prowess and financial resources.”


“Kyle has spoken openly and honestly about his mistakes and the true situation involving Lauryn,” a Walker spokesperson told Mailonline.