‘Wow’… Jermain Defoe left stunned after hearing how £63m Man City player actually speaks. - sportupdate
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‘Wow’… Jermain Defoe left stunned after hearing how £63m Man City player actually speaks.



‘Wow’… Jermain Defoe was astounded to learn how a £63 million Manchester City player actually communicates.It has been disclosed that Jermain Defoe was taken aback upon hearing Rodri speak.

The Spanish international is frequently the subject of discussion in relation to his significance for Manchester City. Liam Rosenior asserts that Pep Guardiola must esteem him as a more vital member of his squad than Kevin De Bruyne.The 27-year-old’s ability to stand up for City when all eyes are on which of their superstars will leave their mark when they are down and out was praised even by Ruben Dias.


Jermain Defoe was astounded by Rodri’s spoken language.

Rodri, who made his debut at the Etihad Stadium, had difficulty adjusting to his position as the team’s primary defensive midfielder, according to Aymeric Laporte.


However, the former center-back for Manchester City holds the opinion that the three-time Premier League champion has developed into the preeminent player globally in his position.


Nevertheless, Jermain Defoe focused on his pleasant astonishment upon hearing Rodri speak.”A few interviews, such as the one with Rodri, have taken me by surprise,” he revealed on the Defoe & Deeney Football Firsts podcast.”Have you had the opportunity to hear him speak? I was like, “Wow, the manner in which he speaks and everything; it’s incredible; it’s class.”


Troy Deeney responded, “He possesses that authority in every way.”


“Yes, that presence, and you speak of integrity as a player, he is honest,” Jermaine Defoe stated.


Rodri epitomizes the characteristics of his institution.

Jermain Defoe presents a thought-provoking observation regarding Rodri’s consistent performance of a polished gentleman when addressing the media, be it in press conferences or post-match interviews.


The £63 million (Independent) individual consistently exhibits integrity, eloquence, and analysis, especially when evaluating games.


Outside of the field, the midfield maestro is virtually untarnished; it appears that no unwarranted controversy erupts in his direction.Conversely, Rodri conducts himself in a manner befitting a Manchester City model, in all circumstances—including interviews, on the field, and off the field.


We consider the former Villareal midfielder to be the epitome of a role model, and his ostensibly professional demeanor may have been a significant factor in shaping his career.