Report… £150,000-a-week Man City player has now agreed to sign for Premier League club on loan. - sportupdate
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Report… £150,000-a-week Man City player has now agreed to sign for Premier League club on loan.



Please report… £150,000 per��week A Manchester City player has now agreed to secure a loan with a Premier League club.Kalvin Phillips is reportedly in agreement to secure a loan deal with West Ham United in January.

following Fabrizio Romano’s Tuesday assertion that “a new round of talks” were underway regarding the deal, talkSPORT has provided an update on the prospective transfer of the 28-year-old.Since his acquisition with Manchester City, Kalvin Phillips has seemingly received numerous recommendations to depart the club, be it temporarily or permanently.


Kalvin Phillips adheres to a loan agreement with West Ham.

In September, for instance, Darren Bent stated that he would have contemplated a release at the conclusion of the season if he had been in the £150,000-per-week (Sport Rac) individual’s position and continued to miss playing time.


Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, acknowledged in December that he does not anticipate the Englishman making his starting lineups.


Now, talkSPORT reports that Kalvin Phillips has agreed to a loan agreement with West Ham United.Moreover, it has been asserted that both David Moyes’s squad and Pep Guardiola’s squad are “hoping” that the loan transfer is finalized, and that negotiations are “advanced” in nature.


The issue is how Manchester City intends to replace Kalvin Phillips.

The current situation regarding Kalvin Phillips’ potential loan to West Ham raises the issue of Manchester City’s replacement strategy.


Undoubtedly, City have Rodri on their roster; however, should he sustain an injury, be suspended, or require recuperation, it is unclear whether the club is contemplating a transfer or which member of their current roster they intend to substitute him with.


Mateo Kovacic typically fills in for the Spaniard when he is absent, and although he performed admirably as a number six against Huddersfield Town, he has generally appeared out of place in that position.


John Stones, who performed poorly as the lone defensive midfielder against Aston Villa, was in a similar situation; therefore, allowing Kalvin Phillips to depart on loan is a potentially risky move.