Manchester City aren’t expected to sign anyone in this window – but they could well do something this month that will boost their chances of landing one target in the summer.. - sportupdate
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Manchester City

Manchester City aren’t expected to sign anyone in this window – but they could well do something this month that will boost their chances of landing one target in the summer..



Although no signings are anticipated during this transfer window, Manchester City may accomplish something this month that increases their likelihood of acquiring a target during the summer.Pep Guardiola does not have a reputation for acquiring players during the course of the season.At least with regard to incomings, the preponderance of transfer transactions have taken place during summer windows during his tenure at the Etihad.

Pep prefers to begin seasons with a stable roster, and the only notable additions to the club’s roster in January during his tenure have been Gabriel Jesus and Aymeric Laporte. Although his transfer to City was officially declared in January 2022, Julian Alvarez did not become a member of the squad until the subsequent summer.


It is improbable that City will acquire any new players this summer, and the only significant departure that is probable is Kalvin Phillips.


However, by acquiring Phillips, City may conceivably set the stage for one summer transfer transaction…The transfer of West Ham’s Kalvin Phillips could allow Manchester City to acquire Lucas Paqueta.At the present, rumors are circulating that West Ham United are interested in signing City midfielder Kalvin Phillips.


Pep Guardiola has no intention of acquiring the 27-year-old, and it is widely believed that he will depart during this transfer window.


At this time, however, City’s demand for loan fees is prohibitive; Phillips’s team is attempting to negotiate a reduction in order to facilitate his transfer.West Ham are a club that appreciates Phillips, and City should strive to complete this specific transfer.


Should City successfully negotiate a contract with West Ham to acquire Lucas Paqueta this summer, it is plausible that the club may encounter less difficulty in acquiring Phillips.


City desired Paqueta last summer, and according to numerous accounts, the Brazilian was eager to transfer and believed it would occur. Pending was a fee of £80 million.


Paqueta subsequently became the focus of an FA investigation regarding dubious wagering practices, which compelled City to abandon their pursuit.However, City maintains interest in the player, and it was even recently speculated that he would sign with the club in the summer after being absolved of any wrongdoing.


Already, relations between City and West Ham are cordial.

If Phillips does indeed join West Ham this month, City’s pursuit of Paqueta, whom Daniel Sturridge hailed as “brilliant” following West Ham’s 3-0 victory over Wolves, could be significantly aided.


It would not be unexpected if the two clubs were currently engaged in discussions regarding the Brazilian while conversing about Phillips.


A positive rapport exists between City and West Ham, and a similar atmosphere permeates the supporters of both organizations.Additionally, City attempted to acquire Declan Rice this summer for £90 million, but their unsuccessful proposal left no ill will.


Undoubtedly, City’s approval of Phillips’ transfer to West Ham will further fortify the relationship, and it may ultimately increase Paqueta’s likelihood of donning a sky blue uniform during the upcoming season.