Man City star Kyle Walker says he made 'idiot choices' as he breaks silence after Annie Kilner split. - sportupdate
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Man City star Kyle Walker says he made ‘idiot choices’ as he breaks silence after Annie Kilner split.



He verified that he is presently residing alone, whereas the expectant mother of three of his children continues to occupy the family residence. Kyle stated, “My actions are abhorrent, and I accept complete accountability.

“I made a series of foolish decisions and choices.” Neither can I fathom nor contemplate the ordeal that Annie is enduring. “I’ve attempted to inquire with her, but she is in pain and distress.”


“I am the only one who is to blame.” I am cognizant of my duties and responsibilities, yet I have made foolish decisions. But I must accept responsibility for my errors; I owe it to everyone.Man City star Kyle Walker breaks his silence following Annie Kilner’s divorce and admits he made “irrational decisions.”After their divorce, Kyle Walker broke his silence and acknowledged he made “irrational decisions” and accepted “complete responsibility” for the harm inflicted upon his wife, Annie Kilner. He further stated that he accepts “odious decisions.”


Annie reportedly informed the Manchester City defender and childhood love of her separation earlier this month, as reported by the Mirror. Subsequently, it came to light that he had conceived a second child with Lauryn Goodman, with whom he had previously shared a son in 2019.


The footballer has expressed contrition in an interview with the Sun regarding the “irrational decisions” he implemented during his marriage. He expressed regret and acknowledged, “I am the only one to blame.””My actions have inflicted considerable suffering on a great number of individuals. I regret that this is not intended to occur as a family unit.Despite Lauryn’s prior denial, Kyle maintained that they had never been romantically involved. However, he has known the model since his early twenties. The footballer, who described Annie as his “soulmate,” disclosed that one of the most trying aspects of the ordeal has been refusing to spend the night with his son, as he does on a daily basis when his son is at home.


Annie announced her separation from her spouse earlier this year. “Unfortunately, I have made the decision to temporarily separate myself from Kyle, following many years of matrimony and the birth of our three fantastic children,” she wrote on Instagram.


“I have no further comments to make regarding the position.”Kyle previously stated on Instagram: “Annie is an incredible woman, and I sincerely apologize for the distress I’ve inflicted upon her. That she has been a part of my existence for so long will never alter in the future, for the sake of our children.


“I would ask for privacy for all of our family, and especially our young children, whilst we work through these difficult times.”