Kyle Walker says Man City did something behind-the-scenes that paid off vs Tottenham. - sportupdate
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Manchester City

Kyle Walker says Man City did something behind-the-scenes that paid off vs Tottenham.



Kyle Walker claims Manchester City executed a successful strategy behind the scenes against Tottenham.According to Kyle Walker, Manchester City’s recent emphasis on set-pieces has been fruitful in their performance against Tottenham Hotspur.

On Friday in the FA Cup, City defeated Spurs despite missing on multiple opportunities; a late Nathan Ake corner kick was the difference in a 1-0 victory.Manchester City scored their first goal at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where they appeared to be plagued, 102 shots in their six matches, according to OptaJoe (via Twitter).


Set-piece work, according to Kyle Walker, assisted Manchester City in defeating Tottenham.

Guglielmo Vicario, who lacked sufficient control, tumbled to the ground after Ruben Dias attempted a header inside the box. Vicario allowed the ball to rebound in front of Nathan Ake, who scored a simple tap-in.Nonetheless, the decision to award City a goal was contested both during and after the match, with some believing Dias committed a charge on Vicario.Kyle Walker stated on the club’s official website that since their success against Tottenham, Manchester City have been honing their efforts to become a more formidable menace from set-pieces.


“This week, we have been diligently engaged in the development of set-pieces, both in Abu Dhabi and Manchester.” “We worked on it and believed it was an opportunity we could capitalize on,” he explained.


“It has paid off; the set-piece coach deserves all the credit for his or her tireless efforts and countless hours spent watching videos.”


“All that remains is to implement the strategy.


“We accept that we may have to win games in such a manner, so long as we emerge victorious; that is our occupation.””The utmost importance for the club, the players, and the fans is that.”


The revelation made by Kyle Walker demonstrates the club’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

The fact that Manchester City focused on improving their performance from set-pieces, which was successful against Tottenham, demonstrates that the club as a whole, not just individuals like Kyle Walker, are perpetually motivated to achieve success.


One might presume that a team that has also won the treble would not be as preoccupied with this aspect of the game, given their technical prowess and possession dominance.


But it should come as no surprise that City, being the institution that it is, has refined its approach to set-pieces. Their objective is to achieve excellence at all times, and as such, this appears to be the case.In the end, such meticulousness could assist the Sky Blues in establishing themselves as a goal threat in situations other than open play.