Kyle Walker had 'secret hotel sex' with Lauryn Goodman when she fell pregnant before groin surgery. - sportupdate
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Kyle Walker had ‘secret hotel sex’ with Lauryn Goodman when she fell pregnant before groin surgery.



Kyle Walker had “secret hotel sex” with Lauryn Goodman prior to her groin surgery when she became pregnant.It has been

suggested that Kyle Walker and Lauryn Goodman had their second child around the time he underwent surgery for an injury sustained in a Manchester City match.It has been suggested that Kyle Walker and Lauryn Goodman had a second child concurrently, or around the time he underwent surgery.


Lauryn, 32, gave birth to their daughter, approximately six months old, in June of last year. The footballer, 33, has been a member of the Manchester City roster since 2017. Kyle previously fathered a three-year-old son named Kairo. In 2019, Lauryn became pregnant while Kyle was on a hiatus from his wife Annie Kilner, with whom he shares three children. Uncertain are the conditions surrounding their purported “rendezvous” that occurred three years later.Kyle allegedly fathered a second child with Lauryn “on the eve of a groin operation” in 2022, as reported by The Sun. The following day, on October 4, that year, he underwent surgery following an injury he sustained in a match against Manchester United. It is rumored that the two individuals met mere hours before the successful operation in a London hotel.According to the source, Kyle and Lauryn had “a secret rendezvous” prior to the operation. Lauryn allegedly became pregnant at the reunion with her daughter, the identity of whom has not been disclosed, and who was born the previous year. At the time, Manchester City issued a statement confirming that right-back Kyle had undergone surgery. The message stated: “[Kyle] has undergone surgery after suffering a groin injury to his left leg during the first half of our 6-3 win over Manchester United on Sunday.”


The club further elaborated in the statement, which was disseminated via its official website: “A more comprehensive prognosis shall be furnished at a later time.” All members of the Manchester City staff wish Kyle a quick recovery.Kyle released a statement via X, which was formerly referred to as Twitter, during the same week. He tweeted, alongside an image of himself in a hospital bed, “As athletes, we must recognize that injuries are an inevitable aspect of the sport we adore.”In the subsequent tweet, he confirmed the date of the surgery. Kyle concluded his message by stating “My operation on Tuesday was a success and now I can concentrate on my rehab and getting back to full fitness.” He concluded his letter by stating, “I will provide daily support in any way possible for my teammates.”


Since then, Lauryn has verified that the defender is her daughter’s father, and the two have relished family outings. She maintained silence concerning the father of the daughter. She did so until Christmas, at which point she confirmed Annie’s paternity via message.


The mother of two asserts that Annie compelled her to come open so they could proceed “as adults” after Kyle was “too weak” to do so. Lauryn states she waited to communicate with Annie until she was certain Kyle would be playing away for Manchester City after the holidays before seizing the opportunity.In the wake of the revelations, Annie has additionally terminated Kyle’s stay at their familial residence in Prestbury, Cheshire, and declared her intention to end her relationship with Walker last week. Annie published the following on her Instagram Stories: “In an effort to shield my family from the intense media scrutiny, I am responding to the increasing number of inquiries from the media regarding my marriage to Kyle. With three beautiful children and many years of marriage under my belt, I regret to inform you that I have chosen to separate from Kyle for a time.


Annie, who and Kyle first met when she was 15 and he was 17 years old in their birthplace of Sheffield, respectively, concluded her online statement as follows: “I have no further comments to make regarding the position. In the interim, I request that our three young children and I be granted privacy during this trying time.