Kyle Walker breaks silence after claiming 'relationship with Lauryn Goodman meant nothing'. - sportupdate
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Kyle Walker breaks silence after claiming ‘relationship with Lauryn Goodman meant nothing’.



Kyle Walker ends his statement that his relationship with Lauryn Goodman was meaningless.Kyle Walker, who previously stated that his relationship with Lauryn Goodman “meant nothing” despite the fact that they had two children during their marriage, has since broken his silence.Since his ‘pregnant’ wife Annie Kilner discovered he had fathered a child with another woman, the Manchester City and England icon has sold his £2.4 million residence.

Walker has now broken his silence following a private admission to associates that his relationship with Lauryn Goodman “meant nothing.”


Walker, 33, is back to his regular routine by posing for an Instagram photo in his team’s newest uniform.


He posted the ‘Year of the Dragon’ kit with the following caption: “Did I do this correctly, @pumafootball?”

In 2020, Walker co-conceived two children with social media influencer Goodman during their “separation” from his wife.


According to sources familiar with the England international, their relationship was never “substantial.” The 33-year-old is currently on vacation with her children as Walker attempts to save his marriage.


Kyle Walker breaks his silence following the announcement of his divorce from Manchester City sensation Annie Kilner.


Annie Kilner, the estranged wife of Kyle Walker, is six months along in her fourth pregnancy.”Kyle is utterly in the wrong with his exploits, but his relationship with Lauryn was improper.” “While he was in the area, it was essentially a brief, brief, brief incident,” a source told the Mirror.


“Yes, things hap­­pened a few times but there were no ­feelings, and cert­­ainly no romance.”However, this is contested by Goodman’s close associates, who assert that he was heavily invested in their “official relationship.”


Kyle was an extremely ardent and willing participant, according to a source.


“He told her all sorts of sweet nothings and treated her like a princess.”