Jurgen Klopp has picked 'definite' future Liverpool manager and it's not Xabi Alonso. - sportupdate
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Jurgen Klopp has picked ‘definite’ future Liverpool manager and it’s not Xabi Alonso.



Jurgen Klopp has selected a “certain” successor as Liverpool manager, and it is not Xabi Alonso.While it will take time for supporters to process the news of Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool in the summer, speculation will immediately turn to potential successors.

Following a magnificent eighteen-and-a-half-year association, Klopp will be regarded as one of Liverpool’s great managers. Under his leadership, the club won its inaugural Premier League championship in 2020, following its Champions League triumph the year before.


He departs Anfield having acquired every conceivable elite club trophy and will be seeking one last farewell celebration with the Reds already in the Carabao Cup final and a title challenge imminent. Whoever follows in their footsteps will have much to contend with.Former club hero Xabi Alonso has been linked with the position due to his outstanding fifteen months with Bayer Leverkusen. At present, the club lead the Bundesliga title race by four points, and the manager has accumulated a 50% success rate during his tenure.Former Liverpool idol speculation regarding a potential Klopp successor has not begun with him. Klopp himself lauded the performance of former Manchester United head coach Steven Gerrard at Rangers in 2021 and made a bold prognosis regarding Gerrard’s future in management.


When asked whether Gerrard has the potential to manage Liverpool in the future, the current Reds manager responded, “Absolutely. The only question is precisely when that moment will be.


“Stevie is performing exceptionally well, and from a managerial standpoint, he is quite youthful; therefore, the timing is ideal for him to accept the position. Yes, I am certain it will occur and that it will be beneficial for all.”Significant events have transpired in the two years since those remarks; Gerrard was fired by Villa in October 2022, prior to his July transfer to Saudi Arabia. A new long-term contract recently executed by the 43-year-old retains him with Al-Ettifaq through 2027.


On Monday, Klopp provided an explanation for his decision to resign as Liverpool manager at the conclusion of the current season. He stated, “I am in love with every aspect of this club, the city, our supporters, the staff, and the squad. I am in love with every object. “However, the fact that I continue to make this choice demonstrates that I am certain it is the one I must undertake.”I am, so to speak, experiencing a depletion of vitality. I had no issues with it at this time; I had anticipated for some time that I would be required to make the announcement, but I am in perfect health at this moment. It is understandable that I am incapable of performing the task repeatedly.