USWNT captain blasts American soccer fans: 'Most of them aren't smart'. - sportupdate
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USWNT captain blasts American soccer fans: ‘Most of them aren’t smart’.



The USWNT captain criticizes American soccer supporters, stating, “The majority of them are stupid.”Lindsey Horan, captain of the United States Women’s National Team, expressed her frustration that American soccer supporters do not comprehend her sport or her performance.

In an interview with The Athletic, Horan, who plays for Lyon in France, asserted that Americans are not as informed about the game as European supporters.”The majority of American soccer fans are not intelligent,” stated the midfielder. “They are unaware of the game.” They are not comprehending. However, things are steadily improving.


She also criticized American commentators for their evaluation of her field performance.


“I may enrage a few individuals, but the game is expanding in the United States. Despite the increasing knowledge of the public, they still tend to rely heavily on the opinions of commentators, correct? It is my mother who does it! Julie Foudy, a former USWNT midfielder and commentator, remarked to my mother, “You had such a fantastic game!” “I am here to simply state, ‘Today I was f—king s—,'” Horan declared.Horan, 29, who has served as the USWNT’s co-captain alongside seasoned forward Alex Morgan, stated that the sport’s immense prominence in France has drastically altered her experience there.


Horan stated, “From what I’ve heard, people have a better understanding of my football and the way I play.” “This is the culture of France.” Everybody tunes in to watch football. “Everyone is familiar with football.”


Horan continued by stating that supporters do not consistently comprehend the constraints and consequences associated with representing the national team.


Since 2015, she has scored at least one goal for the United States annually; this is the longest streak of its kind among any player on the team. She debuted in 2013.”Within this team for a while, one must have experienced what the f— that entails… She stated, “It is among the most competitive national teams to be a member of.”


Horan was uninterested in any of the criticism she encountered following the United States Women’s National Team’s elimination in the round of 16 of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which was defeated by Sweden.


After winning the cup in 2019, the group aspired to reproduce the feat by failing to advance past the semifinals.She stated, “People will come and talk s— about what you’re doing and where your priorities are if you don’t back it up on the field.” “As in, “Are you preparing yourself for the game? “Do you care more about this nonsense?”


This summer in Paris, Horan and the women’s team, excluding recent retirees Julie Ertz and Megan Rapinoe, will be vying for the gold medal.


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