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‘I was very ill’ – Swanson reveals she needed second knee surgery after infection.



After an infection, Swanson discloses she required a second knee operation: “I was extremely ill.”The severity of Mallory Swanson’s knee injury was not widely recognized.

In April, the star of the U.S. women’s national team sustained a torn patella tendon, which dealt a devastating setback to both herself and the USWNT, eliminating her from the 2023 World Cup.


Swanson has resumed her training regimen with the Chicago Red Stars in anticipation of her 2024 NWSL return to action. This recovery will be especially significant to the forward, whose knee has undergone not one, but two surgical procedures as a result of her ordeal.


On The Women’s Game podcast, Swanson initially disclosed information regarding the injury she sustained during a friendly match between the United States and Ireland. She did so while speaking with former USWNT teammate Sam Mewis.She stated, “That tendon has just completely ruptured.” “My kneecap then ascended into my thigh.” Thus, it nearly dislocated as well. It burned terribly.”


“Upon the arrival of the training staff on the field, my kneecap was reattached,” she continued. “Subsequently, I experienced relief and recovered.”


Swanson, who was initially determined to defy the odds and return in time for the World Cup three months later, disclosed that she underwent surgery two days later. However, a subsequent septic infection and subsequent surgery completely altered her calculus.Swanson stated, “I developed an infection in my knee approximately one and a half weeks later.” “In essence, I underwent surgery after which I underwent a second operation a week and a half later.”It was dreadful. They were forced to perform an emergency operation in an attempt to remove this infection because it was—I hesitate to say it was beginning to take over my body—becoming extremely, extremely unwell.


“After that, I believe that’s when I realized it.” I responded, “I’m not participating in the World Cup.” After that, I honestly didn’t even consider playing. I thought to myself, “I literally just need to feel better; I was that ill.” I received antibiotics intravenously for approximately six weeks. I possessed a PICC line. It was abhorrent. Although it felt like the worst thing ever, we managed to survive.”


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