"A good challenge is one that pushes me further" - Chelsea star Erin Cuthbert opens up on ‘interesting’ Emma Hayes management style ahead of USWNT takeover - sportupdate
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“A good challenge is one that pushes me further” – Chelsea star Erin Cuthbert opens up on ‘interesting’ Emma Hayes management style ahead of USWNT takeover



An ‘interesting’ relationship between Erin Cuthbert and Emma Hayes, Chelsea’s long-term manager, has been revealed.

So, what went down?
In 2017, although still a teenager, Hayes signed the Scotland international from Glasgow City, and she has since become an integral part of the club’s success. The Chelsea boss has been very insightful over that time, and she has now spoken out about their working relationship, which has benefited Cuthbert.

Cuthbert’s Statement
This is what Cuthbert had to say when asked about Hayes’ impact: “Emma and I have an interesting relationship,” as reported in the club’s matchday programme. That’s how I handle her extremely high expectations, though. When given a challenge, I thrive. Tough talks or her pointing out my flaws are not things I mind doing. Also, Emma is always the first to tell me how great I am, which is something I really value because she can be so critical of me. She has high expectations of me, but I believe she only does so because she has faith in my abilities.

When the Blues manager becomes the head coach of the USWNT at the conclusion of the season, Cuthbert and Hayes’ relationship will terminate. Even though Casey Stoney just signed a new deal with San Diego Wave, her replacement as Chelsea’s head coach is still up in the air. According to sources, Chelsea has requested that a woman replace Hayes, and two possible candidates are Elisabet Gunnarsdottir and Laura Harvey.

Curt and Chelsea: Where Do They Go From Here?
As a result of Wednesday night’s Champions League triumph over Real Madrid, Cuthbert will be taking it easy for a while. The match-winning player, who is 25 years old, will be looking to keep his starting jersey for Saturday’s Blues WSL match against Brighton.

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