‘This is sad’ - Liverpool hero Sadio Mane hits back over Saudi transfer with ‘more important’ claim. - sportupdate
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‘This is sad’ – Liverpool hero Sadio Mane hits back over Saudi transfer with ‘more important’ claim.



Sadio Mane, a Liverpool hero, responds to the Saudi transfer rumor with a “more significant” assertion: “This is sad.”Sadio Mane has responded to claims that his level of attention in Saudi Arabia is lower than it would have been had he remained in one of the top five competitions in Europe.

The winger insisted he is content at Al-Nassr, further stating that the Pro League’s caliber ensures its international attention. In August of that year, Mane transferred to Saudi Arabia from Bayern Munich, shortly after departing Liverpool.


On Friday, the 31-year-old scored the third goal for Senegal in their 3-1 victory over Cameroon, securing the country’s berth with one game remaining in the knockout round of the Africa Cup of Nations. Mane, speaking after the match, claimed that the media were oblivious to the international attention the Saudi Pro League was receiving.When asked if he has received less attention since relocating to Al-Nassr, Mane responded, “That’s your opinion; I’m not in Europe. This causes you all sorrow. Because it is irrelevant to you people whether or not you participate in European competitions. “I am no longer active in football.”Thankfully, I can say that the Saudi league is a very good league that is viewed by people all over the globe; therefore, it is more important to me that I enjoy every minute of my performance and do my absolute best. “The remainder is irrelevant to me.”


This season, Mane has recorded twelve goals in twenty-six appearances for Al-Nassr, eight of which have occurred in the Pro League. Despite the initial influx of a large number of high-profile players, many have questioned the caliber of the division. However, Mane’s club teammate Cristiano Ronaldo has defended it.Ronaldo stated, “In all honesty, I do not believe the Saudi League to be any worse than the French League.” Throughout his career, Ronaldo has represented Spain, England, Portugal, and Italy, but never France.


“Within [the French division], I believe there are two or three teams of respectable caliber. Presently, I believe it is more competitive in Saudi Arabia. They are free to express any viewpoint they wish; however, I possess personal experience having played there for one year, so I can attest to my statement. “However, I believe we are currently better than [the French league]; we have room for improvement.”


These remarks were made in the wake of Jordan Henderson’s transfer from Al-Ittihad to Ajax earlier this week.