Michael Oliver and Howard Webb agreed on player who was biggest 'nightmare' to referee. - sportupdate
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Michael Oliver and Howard Webb agreed on player who was biggest ‘nightmare’ to referee.



Premier League referee Michael Oliver and former official Howard Webb reached a consensus regarding the player who posed the greatest “nightmare” for the referee. Both individuals identified former Wales international Craig Bellamy as the player who presented the greatest challenge to the referee.

Bellamy was notorious for his challenging conduct while playing for Premier League clubs Manchester City, Newcastle, and Liverpool, notwithstanding his outstanding career achievements. Oliver, a well-known Newcastle supporter, acknowledged the following in a 2021 interview with The Athletic: “Craig Bellamy was extraordinarily challenging.


“One discovers that certain teams are challenging.” Frustrated teams are those that are not winning with a starting pitcher, which is the case at every level. Teams that are not accustomed to losing are even more frustrated. With the exception of one player, Bellamy.”As a Newcastle supporter, I observed him for two to three years; you wanted him on your team due to the fact that he was successful. However, he proved to be an abyssmal referee due to his incessant arguing over everything. “He would tell you it was white if you told him it was black.”In response to the same query, Webb, a former Premier League referee and the current head of the PGMOL, expressed comparable views in the Mirror. According to the referee who oversaw the 2010 World Cup final, Bellamy expressed his opinion hastily and without regard for the official’s stance.Webb recalled to the Mirror in 2016 that Craig Bellamy was the player who caused him the most distress, citing players, supporters, and managers who had dealt him particular misfortune throughout his tenure. “I struggled to build any sort of rapport with Craig.”Although he may have been an exceptional footballer and a pleasant individual off the field, he was fast to express his opinion and paid little attention to yours. Joey Barton and Robbie Savage were among the other athletes who would not only express their viewpoints but also participate in dialogue with you.