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Roy Keane has explained which managerial job would tempt him back into football.



Roy Keane has specified the managerial position that would entice him to return to the sport.Roy Keane, a former midfielder for Manchester United, has disclosed which managerial position could entice him to return to the sport.

His managerial career was not as successful as his time as a Manchester United player, during which he scored crucial goals in the Champions League and the Premier League and exemplified the archetype of a leader.


His most recent experience in a managerial role was as the assistant manager of Nottingham Forest in 2019. His previous managerial position was as the head coach of Ipswich Town, following a stint with Sunderland. 42% of his contests were victories while playing for the Black Cats.


Prior to this, he served as an assistant coach for Aston Villa and the Republic of Ireland. However, he has since retired from the sport and is now a commentator.The managerial position that enticed him to contemplate

Keane was, nevertheless, queried on a recent episode of The Overlap regarding a managerial position that might inspire him to contemplate a return to the sport.


Keane stated, “It must be the right contract, the right club, and the right challenge.” “I’ve had opportunities, but occasionally a contract offer requires one to evaluate one’s self-worth.


“Do you believe this is the best deal for you?” While I would appreciate the opportunity to return to management, I am not in a rush to ink a contract for anyone.”When Keane was queried about the desirability of a managerial return to the Republic of Ireland national team, he responded as follows: “I did enjoy international football during my time as a coach there; I appreciate the dynamic nature of it, where one does not have to make daily decisions regarding player acquisitions and weekly board management.


“That does appeal to me; while coaching the Irish national team, I did enjoy the dynamics – that might be a possibility.”


Keane’s career as a manager has been unsuccessful.

Given how much of a leader Keane was on the field throughout his career, his lack of success on the managerial side of the sport is undoubtedly unexpected.


It is possible that Keane finds it difficult to compete with opponents who employ the arm-around-the-shoulder technique; consequently, he challenges his players in a more aggressive fashion.Throughout United’s darkest days, supporters have yearned for Keane to be promoted to a coaching position so he can discipline the underperforming players. Although that could potentially be a good concept, it has always seemed implausible, given Keane’s apparent preference for the international stage.