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Jermain Defoe finally shares what Man Utd legend Roy Keane is really like off camera during punditry



During his commentary, Jermain Defoe reveals what Manchester United legend Roy Keane is truly like off-screen.Former Tottenham forward Jermain Defoe has divulged intimate information regarding his collaboration with Manchester United legend Roy Keane as a commentator.

Together with fellow Manchester United legend Gary Neville, Roy Keane frequently appears in the Sky Sports studio, where he has established himself as one of the most prominent figures in punditry.The 52-year-old Irishman, who also provides ITV punditry, has frequently entertained audiences with his forthright opinions and straightforward approach to the world around him.


Off the field as well as on, Keane was renowned for his candid demeanor; the legendary Irishman spent his entire career at Old Trafford.


Keane has effectively adjusted to his television role and has demonstrated a willingness to express his opinions freely in the studio; Defoe is now disclosing his demeanor as a pundit.As a pundit, Defoe on United legend Keane

Jermain Defoe, who concluded his professional career in 2022, has made intermittent appearances as a commentator and has been invited to share the studio with Roy Keane.Troy Deeney was interviewed by the 41-year-old former England international on BBC Radio 5 Live’s The Players Channel regarding his expertise as a commentator.


Defoe disclosed that former Manchester United captain Keane finds live television his weekly Sky Sports commentary “funny” and that the analyst does not hesitate to express his off-air opinions.


“Are you familiar with Roy Keane’s work? “Man, Roy Keane is hilarious,” he remarked.


“The truth is that people are unaware, you know. Observing his demeanor the first time we worked together, I thought this would be an intriguing experience. Such a cool person. “He has tales and the like, but you know, he’s funny.”Such as, you know, if something were to occur with him during the game, you could rile him up and ask, “Do you see that, Roy?”


“Thereafter, we will say something off-air, and I will inquire, ‘Are you going to say that?'” He will reply, “Certainly.” What are you planning to say? “I will indeed say that.”


“He simply says what’s on his mind, which I believe is appreciated by most.”


Keane on Deeney as a commentator

Keane and former Manchester City player Micah Richards, who works for Sky Sports, have developed an intriguing rapport despite Keane’s occasionally dismissive demeanor.Richards has reportedly influenced Keane positively, and the former United midfielder is now “more comfortable” as a commentator, according to Deeney.


“Now that he is also more at ease, his sense of humor is commencing to manifest. “In my opinion, Micah has been an asset to him,” he stated.


In reply to Deeney, Defoe exclaimed, “He has been phenomenal.”


Deeney further stated, “I believe that his abilities are exceptional due to the player-personality that accompanies them.”