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Gary Neville’s three-word reaction after former teammate screamed in his face during famous Man Utd match.



Gary Neville’s three-word response during a legendary Manchester United match when a former teammate yelled in his face.Gary Neville, a legendary figure at Manchester United, described his startled reaction when one of his former England teammates yelled in his face during a heated altercation.

Gary Neville, former England teammate Frank Lampard, Jamie Carragher, Ian Wright, Roy Keane, and Jill Scott all appeared on the most recent episode of Stick to Football.


The 48-year-old shared his thoughts on the ‘Golden Generation’ of England and the reasons why, despite being held to such high standards, they were unable to win any significant silverware.


During the episode, Keane acknowledged that former Manchester United teammate Paul Scholes disliked traveling with England on international duty at the time.


Neville, discussing the challenges faced by the Golden Generation, disclosed that players’ club rivalries may have had an effect on the England dressing room.Regarding the contentious altercation in the United match against Arsenal in 2005, Neville reflected on the tunnel brawl between Red Devils legend Keane and Gunners icon Patrick Vieira.At Highbury, United defeated Arsenal 4-2 in the Premier League. However, Neville disclosed that he was confronted by former England teammate Ashley Cole.


In the United match, Cole revealed a different aspect of himself to Neville, whom he had previously regarded as “placid” and a “brilliant lad” with whom he shared the England locker room.


“The tunnel game, Roy. “Roy, the Arsenal tunnel game,” he stated on The Overlap.


“Do you recall how Arsenal performed in that game?” They were extremely ecstatic prior to the contest.”Do not Arsenal score the opening goal? No, we [Man United] ultimately prevailed 4-2. Our team triumphs in the contest.


“I have essentially sat next to Ashley Cole for the past six, seven, or eight years in the England dressing room.


“Immediately following their initial goal, Ash approaches me and yells, ‘You f*****g,'” I recall.


Neville continued, “Ashley Cole was the most composed. Isn’t Ash a truly brilliant young man? When Ash yells in my face, I exclaim, “What the f**k?”


“Therefore, precisely two weeks later, you find yourself seated next to him, engaging in a handshake. So much was occurring at once!”


Neville on the Golden Generation’s failure in England

Neville, who was introduced to England by Terry Venables, appeared in 85 matches for the Three Lions and represented his nation in two World Cup tournaments.


The United legend concurred with Chelsea idol Lampard that former Three Lions manager Sven-Goran Eriksson was “disappointed” by England players.


Neville acknowledged, “We really liked him, but to be fair, I’ve always held the same opinion as Frank: looking back, I believe we disappointed him [Eriksson] as players.””We performed below expectations, and other nations had outstanding players.”


“However, when I consider the manner in which we performed during Terry Venables’ tenure as manager of Liverpool in Euro 96 or possibly Glenn Hoddle, I believe we were rigorous for about eight years – you were at Liverpool, after all – and had a relatively compact defense.


“It is extremely difficult to recover from that; inferior teams were preventing us from having possession of the ball.”


“One wonders whether the outcome would have been different if we had implemented a progressive system or something similar. “That is a query.”