'He was a bit full of himself': Pundit says Manchester City have a player who actually used to be arrogant. - sportupdate
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‘He was a bit full of himself’: Pundit says Manchester City have a player who actually used to be arrogant.



“No chance, we’re too old!” the Manchester City midfielder responded when asked about the prospects for his country.

John Giles claims to have the impression that Kevin De Bruyne was once conceited.

Although he was arguably the only authentic superstar at the Etihad Stadium prior to the arrival of Erling Haaland, the 32-year-old has never appeared to believe his own hysteria.


Conversely, the five-time Premier League champion has appeared content to be a mere participant among his peers at the Etihad Stadium.


John Giles, on the other hand, believes Kevin De Bruyne was conceited, particularly in light of the fact that he disallowed his country from winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.”He was somewhat conceited”: According to a pundit, Manchester City has a player who was once arrogant.Eamon Duncan, I never considered him to be a legitimate midfielder. Despite his exceptional passing ability, I observed that he was somewhat conceited regarding the other players during his time with his national team. “He claimed they were not carrying out his instructions,” he stated on The Stand with Eamon Dunphy.


“That was within him.” That may still be within him. However, he was exceptionally talented at what he did; scoring and attempting goals were both indisputable. He was into that. He was not a general in the midst of the field, and his performance against Newcastle the other day was phenomenal. His technique was exceptional, both for the goal and the pass.Unfounded assertion concerning Kevin De Bruyne

We hold the opinion that John Giles’s characterization of Kevin De Bruyne as a persona is unjust.The rationale behind Giles’ decision to remark on the Belgian maestro’s personality is incomprehensible unless one is acquainted with him personally.


In any case, the pundit’s assessment of Kevin De Bruyne’s character lacks logic and consistency, particularly in light of the isolated incident that served as the basis for his criticism.


During his tenure at Manchester City, De Bruyne has conducted himself inconspicuously while maintaining high standards and accumulating trophies.


Although it is within John Giles’ prerogative to make personal remarks about Kevin De Bruyne as a player, doing so in this manner is completely inappropriate.