Brendan Rodgers really surprised by what Jurgen Klopp did for Liverpool on Sunday. - sportupdate
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Brendan Rodgers really surprised by what Jurgen Klopp did for Liverpool on Sunday.



Brendan Rodgers was astounded by Sunday’s performance by Jurgen Klopp for Liverpool.On Sunday, former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was less than satisfied with one of Jurgen Klopp’s decisions.

In 2015, Klopp succeeded Rodgers as Liverpool manager. It appears that the two men have maintained cordial dialogue ever since.According to reports, Rodgers was presented with this on Sunday while he was addressing the press. It is reported that the fifty-year-old was stunned by the news and responded with a “unconvincing smile.” Jurgen is no longer on the Christmas card list.


Rodgers was dismayed by Beck’s presence.

One can partially comprehend Rodgers’ exasperation regarding Beck’s appearance for Liverpool on Sunday.


It appears that the Hoops have developed a strong affection for the juvenile. After making a cameo appearance of limited significance for the Reds, his involvement is no longer feasible until the summer.The Daily Record, however, reports that Jurgen has now provided Brendan with cause for his irritation. They claim that the former Liverpool manager, who is now at Celtic, was not overly pleased with Owen Beck’s Sunday appearance against Bournemouth.


According to reports, Rodgers had been attempting to acquire Beck for Celtic in January. Their ‘active’ pursuit of Beck is attributed to the fact that the 21-year-old is reportedly open to discussions with the Scottish heavyweights regarding a permanent or loan transfer.


That was the case until Sunday. As a result of his participation for Liverpool, the left-back is no longer qualified to enroll with or participate in a third club this season. Having appeared in one match for Dundee, Beck is ineligible to make his third. Therefore, a transfer to Celtic is ruled out.If Beck had been positioned to make a significant contribution to Liverpool from that point forward, that frustration would have been diminished.


Andy Robertson’s return to fitness and inclusion in the squad for tonight’s match suggests that the Welshman may have already completed his final appearance of the season.Due to this, Liverpool have jeopardized Celtic’s transfer plans with a run-out of seven minutes.Conversely, this certainly does not affect Liverpool with regard to Celtic’s transfer intentions. Beck is a member of their roster, and if Klopp desires to inaugurate him in the Premier League in a meritorious manner, no obstacle should impede him.


It appears that the former academy full-back had a successful half-season with Dundee, and his reappearance was well-deserved. Although it was fleeting, Beck will have still cherished it deeply.


Beck is now eliminated from consideration to play for Celtic; he has the option of remaining with Liverpool or returning to Dundee. Given the current circumstances, it is not unexpected that he would return to the club where he spent the initial six months of the season. Nonetheless, he provides Klopp with a useful alternative until Kostas Tsimikas returns. Rodgers will simply have to cope with the situation regardless.