'The message we're getting': Journalist shares what he's just heard about Mauricio Pochettino's Chelsea future. - sportupdate
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‘The message we’re getting’: Journalist shares what he’s just heard about Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea future.



“The message we’re receiving”: A journalist reveals what he has just learned regarding the destiny of Chelsea under Mauricio Pochettino.Concern is starting to emerge among certain segments of the Chelsea fanbase regarding the managerial stability of Mauricio Pochettino.

Nevertheless, according to HITC insider Graeme Bailey, who spoke with The Chelsea Chronicle, those in positions of authority do not anticipate an immediate replacement.Although regular Stamford Bridge attendees will continue to be dissatisfied with the league position, they must concede that progress has been made since the team was under Graham Potter.This season, Pochettino has guided them to the EFL Cup semi-finals, where they face the challenge of overcoming a 1-0 deficit to Middlesbrough following their Riverside match.Next week is the second leg of that contest, and while Bailey stated that they currently have complete faith in the Argentine, that could change if they were to suffer a two-legged loss to their Championship opponent.


Update on Pochettino’s Chelsea

“The message we are receiving is that absolutely everyone is behind him,” he stated. It is not anticipated that they will require his replacement in the near future. They have complete faith in him. They are also cognizant of the fact that they have not effectively managed the club by permitting the manager to proceed with affairs.


“At this time, they are completely behind him.” Should they travel to Middlesbrough and fail to finish in the bottom ten, an alternative discussion may be necessary. However, it is at a bare minimum of the upper half.”One could contend that Pochettino has performed admirably given the circumstances, but I do not believe that is the proprietors’ perception.


Despite the Blues potentially terminating the manager at this juncture, there appears to be a lack of readily available personnel who can effectively guide the team towards its desired destination.


However, come next Tuesday, when the match begins, Stamford Bridge will be filled with strain.