The Dallas Cowboys have received significant news regarding the future of No. 2 Executive Will McClay, as reported, breaking news - sportupdate
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The Dallas Cowboys have received significant news regarding the future of No. 2 Executive Will McClay, as reported, breaking news




Will McClay, the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Dallas Cowboys, has been a leading option for clubs who have been looking for a new general manager for the past several years. The Cowboys are now playing like a team that is capable of finally making a strong run in the conference playoffs.

McClay has been a highly trusted lieutenant for Jerry Jones for a considerable amount of time, and he is once again being sought after by other NFL clubs in the hopes of stealing him away from the Dallas Cowboys.

For the most part, this season has been the same. On Friday, the Washington Commanders and the Carolina Panthers made the announcement that they had hired Adam Peters, a longtime deputy general manager for the San Francisco 49ers, to supervise all personnel and roster decisions. This came after the Washington Commanders and the Panthers had requested permission to speak with McClay.


According to Sports Illustrated, McClay has been a significant contributor to the formation of the current Cowboys squad, as well as to the retention of important free agents and the acquisition of new players from other teams and through the NFL Draft.

Since the year 2014, McClay has served as the personnel manager for the Cowboys.”and possesses a tremendous amount of authority and respect within the building; some might even call it “de facto GM level” power,” an article published by SI stated.

It was continued by Sports Illustrated that Will McClay possesses a significant amount of influence within the Dallas Cowboys organization.

“It goes without saying that Jerry Jones is the formal general manager, and his son Stephen Jones is positioned next to him. However, McClay is so close to the Joneses that he is virtually considered to be a member of the family. He is not only an expert in evaluating football talent, but he is also an expert at ensuring that the various departments and factions inside The Star are pulling in the same direction. This is so much so that we have given him the nickname “The Unifier.”

Will McClay Was Retained by the Dallas Cowboys, and Jerry Jones Is Overjoyed About It

Friday was the day that the Cowboys were informed of significant information regarding McClay’s future with the team.

It was stated by a reporter for ESPN Cowboys on X that McClay will remain in Dallas despite receiving interview requests from Washington, Carolina, and other teams.

Will McClay, who serves as the Cowboys’ Vice President of Player Personnel, will continue to be employed by the team. According to a source, he will not schedule interviews with any other teams. A request for authorization to speak with McClay had been made by both Washington and the Los Angeles Chargers. According to the source, “He is very happy with all that he is doing here.”

Over the course of his career, Will McClay has consistently declined proposals of this nature. But regardless of the circumstances, Jones prepared himself for the requests and even more, including those for the defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and other members of the Dallas Cowboys’ employees.

Jerry Jones has been accustomed to the fact that this has become an annual practice; nonetheless, he continues to keep one of his most trusted confidants when it comes to personnel.

According to 105.3 The Fan, Jones stated that many letters of request have already been received by the organization. We have a few dozen, and it’s possible that we’ll end up with fifteen or twenty. That should not be a source of discouragement for us. When you achieve success, this is what happens to you. It’s a component of it.”

The article from SI states that in order for McClay to leave Dallas, he would need to be in the ideal situation, and money would not be a consideration.

“Not only does he have the ability to make decisions, but he is already well compensated… in a manner suitable for a general manager. Consequently, if he does listen, it will not be about money as much as it will be about the urge to strike out on his own and run his own show, according to what SI wrote.


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