‘Similar’: Tim Sherwood says Arsenal have made a signing as important as Diogo Jota at Liverpool. - sportupdate
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‘Similar’: Tim Sherwood says Arsenal have made a signing as important as Diogo Jota at Liverpool.



Diogo Jota has taken on an entirely new role for Liverpool in recent weeks.

Since Mohamed Salah’s departure for the African Cup of Nations, the Portuguese superstar has been phenomenal, and his brace against Bournemouth over the weekend served to underscore these characteristics even further.Tim Sherwood lauded the attacker on Premier League Productions and drew a parallel between the acquisition of Jota at Liverpool and Leandro Trossard at Arsenal, stating that despite their differences, both players have the same sense that they’re always on the field to influence a game, as opposed to merely being spectators.Trossard is comparable to how Jota Sherwood described Trossard and Jota.


“He has the ability to mismanage the ball and then seize the opportunity; he is a constant threat; he influences the game; Trossard does the same for Arsenal, albeit at a lesser degree of effectiveness; however, he has been an equally crucial acquisition for them; they have the ability to alter the course of football matches; they do not merely appear on the field; they are expected to contribute.”


Both Trossard and the phenomenal Jota should be extremely flattered to be compared, given that they are both phenomenal performers.


The reasoning behind Sherwood’s comparison is readily apparent. Both players are extraordinarily versatile and, when the opportunity arises, both are dynamos in front of the net.


Moreover, they are two of the most proactive players in the Premier League; each time they step onto the field, they are intent on spotting potential sources of the next goal.


Although some players may prefer their teammates to exert considerable effort on their behalf, Jota and Trossard are both extremely dangerous attackers for Arsenal and Liverpool due to their determination to create their own opportunities.