Michael Carrick defends and explains 'playing out from the back' approach at Chelsea. - sportupdate
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Michael Carrick defends and explains ‘playing out from the back’ approach at Chelsea.



‘Playing out from the back’ is an approach defended and explained by Michael Carrick for Chelsea.Michael Carroll has provided an explanation for his continued encouragement of his squad to operate from the back during Chelsea’s 6-1 Carabao Cup rout last night.

A sequence of mistakes committed by Boro’s players in the first half at Stamford Bridge contributed to Chelsea establishing a four-goal advantage at the intermission.


Boro committed several errors due to defenders passing the ball into their midfielders, despite Chelsea applying considerable pressure from high up the field.Hayden Hackney lost possession of the ball in the buildup to Chelsea’s third goal when he failed to receive a pass from center-back Matt Clarke. Similarly, shortly before halftime, Cole Palmer scored the Blues’ fourth goal after Dan Barlaser lost the ball deep within his own half.As his team struggled to maintain possession in their own half, Carrick might have advised them to attempt to circumvent Chelsea’s press by going long.


However, considering his stated intention to implement and advance a possession-based approach, the Boro manager believes that betraying his principles solely due to the fact that his squad was facing Premier League opponents would have been sending the incorrect message.


Carrick stated, “Of course, an equilibrium exists. Errors have occurred, and I shall accept complete accountability for them. However, I prefer a particular style of play for the lads, and that is my decision.”We generally do that exceptionally well. There were also times during this game when we performed exceptionally well. In the end, however, some goals did result from errors.”


Despite the fact that Carrick led Boro to their heaviest defeat of the season, the head coach is certain that his youthful players will ultimately gain from the experience.


“We will be better for it,” he declared. Significant numbers of young players comprise that cohort. It is not simple to feel that intensity, demonstrate genuine personality in order to continue taking the ball and showing it, and to have the conviction and fortitude to continue doing so.


“Much like myself, I’ve witnessed numerous players retreat when the pressure is on. However, the lads persisted and will undoubtedly be stronger as a result.”