Man Utd ‘99.9% certain’ player will return at the end of the season, but run risk of losing £13m. - sportupdate
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Man Utd ‘99.9% certain’ player will return at the end of the season, but run risk of losing £13m.



A “99.9% certain” Manchester United player will return by the end of the season, but the club risks losing him.The ‘99.9% certain’ Manchester United player will return by the end of the season, but the club risks losing £13 million in the process.The January transfer window has witnessed Manchester United engage in a significant number of departures.

Numerous departures are currently underway, including Donny van de Beek, Jadon Sancho, and Sergio Reguilon.This includes Lyon-bound Tunisian Hannibal Mejbri, who is being loaned to Sevilla with an option to purchase him at the conclusion of the current campaign.


Nevertheless, this has generated some murkiness. Manchester United now has a buyback option on the 20-year-old, per INEOS’ request, according to recent reports by Fabrizio Romano.Manchester United will almost certainly re-sign Hannibal Mejbri.

Transfer expert Romano addressed all Red Devils-related matters during the most recent YouTube livestream hosted by The United Stand. His assessment of Hannibal was as follows:


“Hannibal’s return to the club at the end of the season is the prevailing belief at United,” Romano commences. “The odds are 99.9%.”


“Departing from Real Madrid, it is exceedingly difficult for Spanish clubs to invest twenty million euros.” Barcelona and Atletico Madrid both considered it.The athlete is expected to return to Manchester United in the summer, following what United believes to be a six-month loan. They believed the athlete would always return, which is why they initially agreed to this buy-option clause.


“Thereafter, following discussions with INEOS, they desired protection in the event that another club formed an alliance with Sevilla in the summer and attempted to complete this €20 million deal with the club before attempting to negotiate an exit strategy with Sevilla.”


Consequently, does this refute prior documentation? The academy prospect is currently the subject of some confusion surrounding Hannibal; therefore, the following is the most recent clarification.


Mejbri Hannibal Commentary on the Sevilla clauseIn the initial stages of the Hannibal transaction, United reached a consensus on including an option-to-buy clause, reasoning that Sevilla’s ability to collect the agreed-upon fee was deemed impracticable.In the event that Sevilla decided to conduct business with another club without Manchester United’s knowledge, INEOS attached a buy-back clause for United as a precautionary measure.


For the remainder of the season, Hannibal Mejbri is on loan at Sevilla.

Sevilla may purchase the asset for €20 million (£17.2 million).

“99.9% certain he’ll return” because Manchester United does not believe they will be able to pay €20 million (£17.2 million).

If Sevilla engages in business with an external club, INEOS suggests including a buy-back clause.

It costs €35 million (£30 million) to repurchase.

In other words, United would be required to pay the remaining £13 million to reclaim him if Sevilla were to acquire him.


This is exceedingly improbable, given their current financial circumstances. United might also decide not to repurchase him. This solely serves as a precautionary measure in the event that his worth increases dramatically. Although perplexing, we trust that we have partially clarified it.