Jürgen Klopp set for triple Liverpool boost to finally unleash real Alexis Mac Allister plan. - sportupdate
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Jürgen Klopp set for triple Liverpool boost to finally unleash real Alexis Mac Allister plan.



Jürgen Klopp needs a tripling of Liverpool’s performance to ultimately implement his real Alexis MacAllister strategy.Although Alexis Mac Allister has made a respectable

start for Liverpool, it appears that permanent midfielder Jürgen Klopp has not been utilizing him to his full potential.Over the course of the majority of the current season, we have been delaying the comprehensive evaluation of Alexis Mac Allister’s debut at Liverpool. Any provisional assessment must be accompanied by the disclaimer that Jürgen Klopp has utilized him virtually exclusively at the midfield’s base.


However, while that may have been satisfactory for the World Cup champion during his initial weeks with the club, when it was expected that Liverpool would acquire a replacement starting number six, Mac Allister cannot continue to defy analysis. Instantaneously upon his introduction, Klopp lauded his versatility, and there is currently no apparent path for him to advance up the pitch; he must be evaluated on his merits as a number six.He has, fortunately, been bearing up reasonably well. Although there have been a few instances in which it has been obvious that Mac Allister has not dedicated the majority of his career to this position thus far, it has been equally evident that Liverpool has seldom had an individual with his level of skill as a deep-lying playmaker. Despite Fabinho’s numerous attributes, it is likely that the acquisition has contributed more to the Reds’ playmaking efforts in the first half of the season than the Brazilian was ever expected to do in a red uniform.Indeed, Mac Allister has performed admirably for the most part, to the extent that one might question whether Klopp intends to incorporate this into his long-term strategy. It is reasonable to assume that it was not a priority during his initial contract, considering that the departures of Jordan Henderson and Fabinho had not yet occurred. However, considering the current Premier League standings, it would be an understatement to say that Liverpool has successfully implemented this strategy.


Despite the fact that the 25-year-old’s performances as a defensive midfielder continue to be accompanied by an asterisk, there are indications that Klopp’s true strategy may still be implemented, and possibly sooner than anticipated. A triple change will substantially modify the dynamic of the squad.Initially, and arguably most significantly, Wataru Endſ will return to Liverpool from the Asian Cup the following month. He found his stride during Mac Allister’s absence and took off as soon as the Argentine returned from injury. It is uncertain whether Klopp will utilize the Japan captain in an effort to secure a more permanent starting position for his fellow acquisition higher up the field.


However, beyond that, Klopp will soon have legitimate cover in that position. It is easy to overlook how much of a star Stefan Bajčetić was prior to his injury last season; he is a true specialist in the front of the defense; if he and Endſ can both recover, that would give the team two reliable options in place of Mac Allister.Furthermore, there is Thiago. One could be excused for completely neglecting him; however, had you recalled him, he might have constituted an additional number eight, if not an additional obstacle in the way of Mac Allister attaining that rank. His primary club experience was with Liverpool, but he frequently occupied the number six position for Bayern Munich.We even wrote during the summer that Thiago’s profile is uncannily similar to that of Moisés Caicedo. Obviously, we did not anticipate that the Spaniard would still be unable to touch the ball at this juncture; however, Mac Allister’s former Chelsea teammate has not fared any better.


Nevertheless, should Liverpool manage to recover him in a timely manner, he could potentially play that role in the remaining games. It is improbable that he will maintain his starting position for the remainder of the season due to his contract expiring, but Klopp has an additional world-class alternative in a position that could abruptly cease to appear understaffed.


Subsequently, the actual Mac Allister scheme could commence. Although Liverpool ought not to diminish the value of his previous contributions in a position he may never completely abandon, Klopp may have the opportunity to advance his playmaker higher up the field in the near future.