Jadon Sancho continues to embarrass Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United after he made a very shocking statement.. - sportupdate
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Jadon Sancho continues to embarrass Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United after he made a very shocking statement..



Jadon Sancho continues to embarrass Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United after he made a very shocking statement.Manchester United and Erik Ten Hag remain humiliated by Jadon Sancho’s extremely offensive statement.It demonstrates how drastically the narrative surrounding Jadon Sancho has changed since his first start in seven months, when he was criticized for wanting to attempt a penalty for Manchester United.

Instead of emphasizing the point where Borussia Dortmund was granted a penalty kick due to the England wide receiver’s signature skill, the media attention was directed towards his request to Niclas Fullkrug for the chance to score.”Jadon Sancho was blanked by a Dortmund teammate in an awkward exchange during his debut,” yelled the headline of the English tabloid The Mirror. “Jadon Sancho prevented a ‘begging teammate’ from taking a penalty,” proclaimed The Sun.


Such exchanges and the wish to get on the scoresheet are commended during happier times.


However, after your manager has characterized you as irretrievably unprofessional for six months, that reputation does not change quickly.


For those who have forgotten, and it has been quite some time since then, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag was reportedly furious with Sancho for purportedly failing to perform well enough on the training field to merit selection for the match against Arsenal.The world was aware of this because Ten Hag responded to the media when asked why Sancho was not selected: “We did not select him due to his performance in training. Every day, one must strive to achieve a higher standard at Manchester United.


However, Sancho’s indiscernible variations were not the result of the conduct to which Ten Hag alluded.


Instead, the dispute arose due to the Londoner’s defense of himself on social media.”I will not tolerate individuals spreading completely false information,” he wrote in a post that has since been removed. “This week, I have conducted myself exceptionally well in training.


“I contend that there exist additional rationales for this issue, which I shall refrain from delving into. “I have long been used as a scapegoat, which is not fair.”


Due to his notorious disciplinary nature, Erik Ten Hag would not have tolerated such a statement being made against him.


As a consequence, Sancho was ostracized from first-team training, a circumstance that could solely be rectified through a public contrition.”He is truly extraordinary,” he continued.


Sancho’s hasty acceptance of the opportunity to restart his career in Dortmund is to be expected, considering his previous accomplishments.


It was illuminating that the photographs of him donning the yellow of the North German club were accompanied by a smile, an expression we have witnessed considerably less frequently at Manchester United.


“I felt like I was “coming home” when I entered the locker room today,” the England icon explained.”I have an intimate understanding of the club, have always maintained close relationships with the supporters, and have never lost touch with those in authority.”


“I eagerly anticipate seeing my teammates once more, taking to the field to play football with a positive attitude, setting and finishing goals, and contributing to the team’s Champions League qualification.”


But what the Dortmund coach had to say about the new signing is the most damning indictment of Erik Ten Hag, not the immediate impact Sancho made by assisting on a goal in his debut or earning a penalty in the second.Although Edin Terzić’s regard for Sancho is not new, it was noted that he lauded the Londoner’s training performances almost immediately.


“Admittedly, Jadon entered with impressive statistics. However, we are all aware of how his last few weeks and months have transpired. Whenever that is the case with him, we consider each training session a success. “This week he has been performing admirably,” he informed the media.


Each instance in which Sancho excels while Manchester United struggles diminishes the reputation of Erik Ten Hag.


It is possible that he came to deeply regret his decision to expel the attacker from first-team soccer, which was audacious and decisive.