‘Improving’: Mauricio Pochettino admits 22-year-old Chelsea player has been struggling off the pitch recently. - sportupdate
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‘Improving’: Mauricio Pochettino admits 22-year-old Chelsea player has been struggling off the pitch recently.



Mauricio Pochettino acknowledges that the 22-year-old Chelsea player has been “improving” off the field recently.Mauricio Pochettino has now acknowledged that in recent weeks, one of his crucial Chelsea players has struggled off the field.

He stated to the Evening Standard that Moises Caicedo was affected by the current situation in his native Ecuador.A record-setting addition to the club, Caicedo has spent the majority of the season in good health.


Others, nevertheless, have been left with slightly higher expectations in light of his previous performances.


Even though he and Enzo Fernandez have begun to form a partnership in the midst of the park, their partnership has not been exempt from criticism.However, there could very well be an explanation for his lackluster performances. Gang attacks are currently causing an extremely tense situation in the South American nation.


Nevertheless, the player has informed Pochettino that the situation has slightly subsided, and he is showing signs of improvement off the field.


Pochettino regarding Caicedo’s struggles

“He is now fine, he has improved, and he feels better,” he declared. According to him, the situation is not typical, but it is gradually improving and is currently more tranquil. It is true that he was extremely anxious a few weeks ago.The state of affairs is not favorable in Ecuador alone, but throughout South America. The club typically acts with concern for him and all members.


“When challenges arise, the club is available to provide assistance in various capacities.” Such has occurred. The club should assist the athlete, as we require him to be in peak condition in order to compete.


“You are well aware that this has the potential to impact the player’s performance.”


Tonight, Caicedo is virtually certain to make his Chelsea debut in what is quickly becoming the club’s most important contest of the year.


They will host Middlesbrough at Stamford Bridge for the second leg of the EFL Cup semi-final, requiring to overcome a 1-0 first-leg deficit in order to advance to Wembley.