Fabrizio Romano says Manchester United have identified face of the Ineos project, will ‘push’ to land him. - sportupdate
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Fabrizio Romano says Manchester United have identified face of the Ineos project, will ‘push’ to land him.



Manchester United, according to Fabrizio Romano, has identified the face of the Ineos initiative and will “push” to acquire him.In its new organizational structure, Manchester United has positioned a crucial component. Further developments are anticipated in the coming weeks.

It was announced that Omar Berrada will become the new chief executive of Manchester United at the conclusion of the current season.The selection of the chief executive officer of Manchester City is considered an astute decision and an indication of Ineos’s determination to completely restructure Manchester United.


Berrada is positioned to assume a pivotal role in the operational staff of Ineos. Additional appointments are anticipated in the coming weeks, providing ample time for the club to finalize preparations for the 2023/24 season and the summer transfer window.Preference for Dan Ashworth as sporting director

Over the past few weeks, numerous sources, including The Mail, have cited Newcastle’s Dan Ashworth as Manchester United’s leading candidate for the sporting director position.


The United According to HITC Football’s Transfer Expert Graeme Bailey, it is 60/40 that Ashworth joins Manchester United; Newcastle has not denied the rumors, which were reported to In Focus.Since United has appointed Omar Berrada as CEO, Ashworth is anticipated to receive renewed attention.


As of now, Fabrizio Romano has confirmed to The United Stand that Manchester United is determined to acquire Ashworth.


He elaborated: “According to industry opinion, Manchester United will exert additional effort in the coming days or weeks to ensure that this occurs.


“We must then examine the structure that they intend to construct.” Whether they desire Dan Ashworth to direct this project by himself or with another director such as Paul Mitchell is debatable. “As of now, Newcastle’s stance is what determines whether they want Ashworth or another director to lead this endeavor.”


Ashworth’s experience is extensive.

Newcastle enticed Ashworth away from Brighton and Hove Albion in 2021 by incorporating him into the club subsequent to their acquisition. Additionally, he has held employment at both the FA and West Bromwich Albion.


Although Newcastle are a formidable Premier League club that made the Champions League qualifying round last year, Manchester United’s drawing power is unparalleled. Omar Berrada, who has left Manchester City for his new position at Old Trafford, was recently questioned.


Ashworth lamented in an interview with BBC Sport earlier this season the constraints he faces at Newcastle, a circumstance that would most certainly not exist at Manchester United.”What is truly challenging is the ability to compete commercially,” he elaborated. Certain organizations have maintained a global reputation for decades. This is another significant obstacle that the crew, including Peter (Silverstone) and Darren (Eales), must overcome.


“We are all in this together to put ourselves in a position where we are not only a top-six club on the field, but also a top-six club off the field.”


“To make a concerted effort to increase revenue and interest in the club, which will provide us with additional resources to contend on the field.”


Manchester United possesses boundless potential, unencumbered by the constraints that Ashworth flags. Furthermore, there is a great deal more that can be achieved on the pitch. While he seems to be the primary objective of Ineos, he will not be the sole alternative.Manchester United will investigate contingency plans, and they will not remain patient indefinitely, especially if Newcastle are exceptionally resistant to a transfer.