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Chelsea injury news for Carabao Cup clash amid updates on Nkunku and Lavia



Chelsea injury updates in advance of their Carabao Cup match, in addition to developments concerning Nkunku and

LaviaThe most recent Chelsea injury bulletins and news prior to the Blues’ Carabao Cup semi-final second-leg match against Middlesbrough.This week marks Chelsea’s return to competition as they travel to Middlesbrough for the second leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final. As of now, the Blues trail the Championship side 1-0 after the first leg; therefore, they must prevail in order to secure a spot at Wembley.


Last weekend, Mauricio Pochettino’s squad defeated Fulham 1-0. They enter the match on the heels of that victory. In the quest for Champions League qualification, the west Londoners earned three crucial points, whereas Boro were held to a 1-1 draw against Rotherham two days prior.


It would be unfortunate for Chelsea if they were to confront them without certain prominent players. Having said that, has compiled the most recent Stamford Bridge injury news and dispatches.Christopher Nkunku Nkunku picked up a knee injury in the preseason and has since missed a significant portion of the season. Shortly after the Frenchman returned from the treatment room, Pochettino expressed concern over his situation by stating that he was “worried.”



As stated by Pochettino: “It is true that we will observe the circumstance in the coming days. That is why I expressed a slight sense of concern to you. I am still lacking comprehensive information regarding his potential availability for a brief initial period. We must be extremely clinical when making decisions in order to consider and determine how to resolve the issue.”


The scheduled return date is January 23, following the Middlesbrough (H) Carabao Cup semi-final second leg.The Reece James

A month later, in Chelsea’s match against Everton, James incurred an additional hamstring injury shortly after his return from the treatment room. He has been absent since then, and his return date is currently unknown.


As stated by Pochettino: “I believe he is in good health. He initiated his recovery while we were conversing; he is one day closer to rejoining the group. This is extremely encouraging; we are all optimistic in his presence, and we are committed to assisting him in this manner.Always challenging is an athlete who is experiencing a particularly complicated and difficult season. At this time, the process of recovery commences. We will approach the situation in a positive manner and one day remains until he is a member of the group, as the primary objective is to begin resolving the issue while, of course, encouraging him to be resilient and optimistic. Ensuring Reece’s optimal condition and prompt recovery is a critical matter, which is precisely why the club must provide support to this remarkable institute.


Date of anticipated return: Unknown


Luise Ugochukwu’s

On Christmas Eve, Ugochukwu made his Chelsea debut against Wolves but was substituted with what appeared to be a hamstring injury. Presently, he is enrolled in a rehabilitation program.


Pochettino’s statement: N/A


Date of anticipated return: UnknownJulio Lavia

Lavia sustained a thigh injury shortly after making his début for Chelsea against Crystal Palace shortly after the holiday season. At this time, it is unknown whether the adolescent midfielder is in a condition to return from the rehabilitation program he is rumored to be participating in.


As Pochettino put it: “He has an emotion, a concern. We must verify and pray that it is not [bad]. I am slightly concerned. I’m not sure, because if you were observing the match [against Crystal Palace], you would not have understood why I switched positions with Lavia at the conclusion due to his difficulty running. It will be observed what transpires.


“With any luck, this will not prove to be a significant obstacle and he will be able to play with us once more.” “He is a crucial player who will hopefully recover; it would be unfortunate if we were unable to utilize him in the upcoming matches.”


Date of anticipated return: UnknownRobert Sanchez is an

A month ago, Sanchez sustained a knee injury in Chelsea’s loss to Manchester United; however, he was deemed ready to make his Chelsea debut against the Toffees. The Spaniard was substituted for Djordje Petrovic in the second half at Goodison Park, where he suffered an aggravating injury.What Pochettino has stated: “It is a few-week injury; I am uncertain whether it will be two, three, four, five, or six weeks. We will conduct daily evaluations in order to comply with it. His recovery will be contingent on his own condition and the knee’s response; therefore, an exact timeframe of two to three weeks is uncertain; however, we eagerly await his return.


Date of anticipated return: late January or early February


Trevoh Chalobah Chalobah has yet to make his Chelsea debut this season due to a quadriceps injury that he has been enduring. The once-reliable defender for the Blues appears to be confronted with an uncertain future.”The good news is that Trevoh Chalobah has begun to work with the group,” stated Pochettino. We must conduct daily evaluations to determine whether he can be of assistance. However, he is doing well. Currently, he is in training with the group.”


Date of anticipated return: Unknown


Nic Cucurella Marc

Cucurella has been sidelined for Chelsea since December’s visit to Goodison Park, when he suffered an ankle injury. Later, the defender verified via social media that he had undergone surgery regarding the matter. He is presently participating in a rehabilitation program.


As per Pochettino’s statement, N/AFofana will miss the majority of the season due to an ACL tear sustained during preseason training. At Cobham, he has resumed his conditioning on the pitches.


As stated by Pochettino: “Fofana may require additional time.”


Date of anticipated return: April 2024