'Can't believe how bad he is': Roy Keane left stunned by 25-year-old Liverpool player. - sportupdate
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‘Can’t believe how bad he is’: Roy Keane left stunned by 25-year-old Liverpool player.



Roy Keane stated, “I cannot believe how terrible he is.” The 25-year-old Liverpool player astonished Keane.Roy Keane stated that he “cannot believe Trent Alexander-Arnold’s awful defending performance for Liverpool.”

Keane discussed the Liverpool sensation in the most recent episode of the Stick to Football podcast from The Overlap.Trent Alexander-Arnold is putting forth an outstanding effort for Liverpool, specifically with regard to his offensive contributions.In all competitions, the 25-year-old has already contributed to two goals and nine assists.


Recently, Jurgen Klopp has permitted the fullback to roam into the midfield, and it has undoubtedly been to his advantage.


However, his defensive performance remains a source of criticism, and Roy Keane is the most recent analyst to identify what he considers to be Alexander-Arnold’s vulnerability.


Keane is astonished by “how terrible” Trent is defensively.

Gary Neville asked Jamie Carragher on The Overlap who, in his opinion, has been the Player of the Year thus far.”Trent Alexander-Arnold would be in the vicinity of the top,” said the Liverpool legend.


Keane then replied, “I cannot believe his abysmal defensive prowess. Even though he has participated in numerous games, it is as if he has never played the position.


“It’s incredible how many individuals simply pass him by. “He possesses brilliance.”There is no denying the fact that Alexander-Arnold occasionally struggles defensively. However, his offensive contributions to this Liverpool squad significantly surpass any potential weaknesses he may possess defensively.


There have been suggestions for Klopp to utilize the full-back in the midfield, but he is currently flourishing in that inverted position.


Alexander-Arnold’s defensive prowess is not as terrible as numerous analysts would have you believe.


Certainly, he has difficulty dealing with crafty wingers, particularly in one-on-one situations. However, he also excels at assisting Liverpool in gaining the ball back in perilous areas.


It is not surprising that he might transition to a midfield position in the near future. However, he is presently performing exceptionally well in his current position and has been a significant contributor to Liverpool’s outstanding first half of the season.