Breaking News: After Manchester United made their decision about the transfer of Karim Benzema, Rio Ferdinand expresses his feelings in a clear and concise manner - sportupdate
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Manchester United

Breaking News: After Manchester United made their decision about the transfer of Karim Benzema, Rio Ferdinand expresses his feelings in a clear and concise manner




A former defender for Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand, has addressed his links to Karim Benzema, who is currently attempting to find a way to leave Al-Ittihad of the Saudi Pro League. Benzema is currently looking for a new club to play for.

Rio Ferdinand believes that there will be a multitude of benefits for Manchester United in the event that Karim Benzema decides to join the club this month.

The experienced striker, who has only been away from Real Madrid for the past six months in order to play in the Saudi Pro League, has been linked to returning to the Red Devils. Unfortunately, Benzema, who is 36 years old, and Marcelo Gallardo, the manager of Al-Ittihad, have a disagreement due to the fact that Benzema did not attend a preseason training camp.


Ferdinand can understand why his previous team would be interested in signing a player of Benzema’s caliber, as it is common knowledge that Benzema is already making preparations to return to Europe.

In reference to the action taken by Benzema, Ferdinand made the following statement on his Five channel on YouTube: “That’s just going back to old, what we’ve been doing before.” A number of players, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Falcao, [Edinson] Cavani, and Cristiano Ronaldo, have contributed to our success in this endeavor. I’m curious, Benzema, how you plan on declining this offer. In what way are you going to refuse to sign that document?

Then, Ferdinand continued by saying that he was uncertain whether or not Manchester United could actually afford to pay the hefty amount that the veteran was receiving. However, he did stress that Rasmus Hojlund, who has been struggling ever since he joined the team from Atalanta in the summer, will be able to gain tremendously from having Benzema join the team.

“If there is one thing I could say, it would be that Rasmus Hojlund is the individual who requires that more than anyone else in the vicinity at the moment,” he continued. It would be beneficial for Hojlund to have someone watching him and learning from him.

In the beginning of his time with the first team, I remember Danny Welbeck expressing his admiration for players such as Cristiano, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, and others. Diego Forlan, a young striker from Uruguay, comes into the game, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ruud van Nistelrooy provide support for him.

“Chicharito, we are observing them, and they are saying, ‘That is what a true striker is!'” It is because of this that I will behave in that manner since that is how a genuine No. 9 operates. Whenever Hojlund looks in the mirror, he is staring at himself! That brings an end to it.

It is possible that Ferdinand provided a list of numerous benefits associated with the acquisition of Benzema; nevertheless, it is already common knowledge that Manchester United is not going to make a move for the striker.

It has previously been reported by Mirror Football that the squad is considering loaning out a forward this month; however, the capacity of United to acquire a forward will be restricted due to restrictions around Financial Fair Play. It is reported that Benzema earns roughly 86 million pounds per year due to his wages.

Even though they have played 21 games in the Premier League so far this season, Erik ten Hag’s club has only managed to score 24 goals, with Hojlund only scoring twice. Marcus Rashford has also been having a great deal of difficulty, despite the fact that Anthony Martial has only scored one goal in the league and is eligible for transfer this month.

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