Breaking News: After I had completed my transfer to Manchester United, I had the intention of ripping up my contract and returning to Arsenal - sportupdate
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Breaking News: After I had completed my transfer to Manchester United, I had the intention of ripping up my contract and returning to Arsenal




In the history of Manchester United, the legendary number 7 shirt has been worn by some of the most accomplished players in the history of the sport. It has been the source of some frustration throughout the course of the past few years.

When it comes to Manchester United, the number 7 shirt has a great deal of significance. Several legendary football players, including George Best, Eric Cantona, and Cristiano Ronaldo, have been seen wearing it.

On the other hand, this well-known garment has been the source of considerable annoyance as of late. As a result of the expensive transfer costs and poor results from those who have worn it, some fans at United even refer to it as the “number 7 curse.” Even though Mason Mount is the most recent player to don the shirt, his career has gotten off to a sluggish start due to injuries.


A great number of players have encountered difficulties of a similar nature wearing the number 7 shirt before moving on.

An influx of excitement was brought to Old Trafford by Angel Di Maria, who was signed after the year 2014. As a result of his outstanding performance in both the World Cup and the Champions League final, he was the most in-demand player that summer. He got off to a strong start at United, scoring a goal that will live long in the memory against Leicester. On the other hand, his early success did not continue. He left the club in 2015, citing disagreements with the manager at the time, Louis van Gaal, as well as a decline in his performance.

The young player Memphis Depay, who has a lot of potential, moved from PSV to Manchester United for a fee of £25 million. After Di Maria left Old Trafford, it appeared that he would take control of the left wing at Old Trafford. He was only 21 years old at the time. The tight relationship that he shared with fellow Dutchman and United manager Louis van Gaal made it appear as though they were a dream team. He got off to a solid start early on, particularly in the Champions League play-off match against Club Brugge. However, as autumn transitioned into winter, his performances began to decline.

The difficult time that he and the club were going through was summed up by a missed header back to David De Gea played against Stoke City. When Jose Mourinho took over as manager in 2016, Depay had a difficult time getting into the game. In January of 2017, after playing 53 games and scoring seven goals, he transferred to Lyon for a fee of approximately sixteen to seventeen million pounds, with the possibility of increasing to twenty-two million pounds with add-ons.

Fans experienced a great deal of excitement when Alexis Sanchez was introduced to the United team in January of 2018. His act of playing the piano in the United strip was a moment that will live long in the memory; some people may even joke that it was one of his best performances. Later on, Sanchez was the source of disappointment, despite the fact that he had just won a game against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, which was a thrilling 3-2 victory.

The following year, 2019, he made the move to Inter Milan after a second season that was less than satisfactory, during which Mourinho left the team and he scored only five goals against 45 opponents. In a subsequent confession, Sanchez stated, “I made a lot of realizations.” After I had finished my first training session, I went home and asked my family and my agent, “Is it possible that I could not rip up my contract and go back to Arsenal?”

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