Ballon d’Or voter: Cristiano Ronaldo was right & Inter Miami star Lionel Messi wining FIFA Best Award is a joke. - sportupdate
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Ballon d’Or voter: Cristiano Ronaldo was right & Inter Miami star Lionel Messi wining FIFA Best Award is a joke.



Voter for the Ballon d’Or: Lionel Messi of Inter Miami’s victory over Cristiano Ronaldo for the FIFA Best Award is a farce.Lionel Messi’s claim that the FIFA Best Award is “a

joke” and that Cristiano Ronaldo was “right” to criticize it, according to an experienced Ballon d’Or voter.WHAT TURNED OUT?

Messi, an Argentine icon who won his eighth Golden Ball in 2023, became the first player in history to be designated FIFA Best Men’s Player for a third consecutive year, thereby adding to his collection of prestigious awards. There have been inquiries regarding his decision to award that trophy to Manchester City striker Erling Haaland instead, considering that his World Cup victory in 2022 was intended to be disregarded. Troels Bager Thorgersen, editor-in-chief of Tipsbladet, contends that this vote demonstrates that players should not be permitted to participate in the polling process.STATED BY THORGERSEN

After seeing CR7 imply that major individual awards are “losing credibility”, Thorgersen has said: “Now, I don’t attach much weight to Cristiano Ronaldo’s words when he speaks at an award show in Dubai. The fact that the organizers created an award so that Cristiano Ronaldo could receive one, as is customary at the Dubai show where Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s former agent, was also named the world’s finest for the majority of a decade, is not encouraging. But, in his own backward way, Cristiano Ronaldo was correct, and has been for many years.”I have been a Ballon d’Or voter for a decade, and one of the greatest developments in the history of those awards was the separation of the French organisers from France Football and FIFA. It was a tremendous victory for the Ballon d’Or and those of us who vote for the most prestigious award in football that FIFA replaced the coaches and players with ‘The Best,’ as we were no longer in competition with the players. Because if anyone is irresponsible and ought to be disqualified from award voting, it is the most prominent football players, including Cristiano Ronaldo.”Concerning what am I babbling? Could it be considered arrogant and detached from reality to assert that, despite having played in the lower leagues for a brief period of time and being somewhat incompetent, I possess a greater understanding of football than Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the rest? Undoubtedly not. However, in contrast to an excessive number of players and, to a lesser degree, certain national team coaches, I and others in my position find it considerably simpler to distinguish between club and national team allegiances when casting award votes. Cristiano Ronaldo exemplifies this phenomenon to an exceptional degree.THE MUCH LARGER IMAGE

Further, Thorgersen stated regarding a procedure in which great athletes such as Ronaldo and Messi have frequently prevailed: “During his time at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo voted exclusively for his teammates. However, in 2020 and 2021, he made an exception by supporting Robert Lewandowski as the global greatest player, and in 2020, he awarded points to Lionel Messi. Along the way, Lionel Messi voted for rival Cristiano Ronaldo and praised archrival Real Madrid’s sensation in 2018, Luka Modic. However, Messi has also exhibited a profound preference for his FC Barcelona teammates and the Argentine national team. “This recurring theme is evident in the superstars’ point allocations: team mates and national team mates are excessively valued, ostensibly due to the desire to demonstrate loyalty to colleagues.”An noteworthy exception is the captains and coaches of the Danish national team, who have never cast their ballots in favor of their respective clubs. This does not even come close to being as significant as everything else occurring in the realm of football. My weighting of players such as Kevin De Bruyne, as well as several defenders and defensive midfielders, has irritated numerous individuals. However, in light of the fact that these awards are in place and ballots must be cast, players all too frequently fail to recognize the gravity of their responsibility. It is completely illogical that Lionel Messi was voted The Best recipient last week, given that the 2022 World Cup is irrelevant and the electorate has therefore only had a half-season at PSG and a half-season at Inter Miami to determine whether to award Messi the trophy. It is insincere and nonsensical, and this further demonstrates that world-renowned celebrities should not participate in such elections if they are to be regarded as credible.THEN WHAT?

After his astonishing transfer to the United States in 2023, Messi did assist Inter Miami to a historic League Cup victory after having won his second Ligue 1 title with PSG. Haaland, on the other hand, led City to a Treble of the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup with 52 goals in all competitions.