Alvaro Fernandez sends a message to Benfica fans after debut which evoked ‘mixed feelings’. - sportupdate
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Alvaro Fernandez sends a message to Benfica fans after debut which evoked ‘mixed feelings’.



After making his Benfica debut, Alvaro Fernandez conveys a message that elicits “mixed feelings.”Alvaro Fernandez, who is presently on loan from Manchester United, made his debut for Benfica last night.

Although the Spanish full-back is on loan with the Liga Portuguesa champions until the conclusion of the current campaign, Benfica retains the option to purchase him at that time.Fernandez approaches with lofty anticipations. Benfica regularly produces some of the most exceptional young talent in the globe.


Last night marked the beginning of his new football career with the Portuguese club, and he made an immediate impression.Alvaro Fernandez addresses Benfica supporters.

After the match, Fernandez took to Instagram to share his thoughts on donning the Benfica uniform for the very first time. The League Cup was eliminated on penalties for the European heavyweights, who were humiliated by Estoril.


As a result, the Spaniard has “mixed emotions” consisting of elation and, ultimately, despondency. What he stated was:


“Tonight was a mixed night as we donned this shirt for the first time and defended this shield, but it was disheartening not to receive the victory that we had all hoped for; we deserved another finish; we remain resolute and focused on the future.” Always anticipating the next encounter, with an ever-present sense of anticipation. “Let us proceed with everything!”Alvaro Fernandez is in his infancy.

A adolescent with an extraordinary mindset who provided Benfica supporters with a glimpse of his future prowess.


Manchester United may have potentially lost a tremendous talent in this area. Although Fernandez did not make his debut at Old Trafford, Benfica is interested in cultivating the academy star and has some knowledge of him.


It is perplexing that he was released with such ease, given that Luke Shaw and Tyrell Malacia have been sidelined all season for Manchester United’s left back position.


Additionally, it appears that Fernandez’s loan agreement will be repurchased at the conclusion, so this could have been his last game with Carrington. It is certain that Benfica has gained from our defeat.