Why Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to take 'regular bus' after Al Nassr match postponed in China. - sportupdate
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Why Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to take ‘regular bus’ after Al Nassr match postponed in China.



The’see you soon’ message from Cristiano Ronaldo gives Al-Nassr supporters optimism

prior to the ‘Last Dance’ match between Lionel Messi and Al-Nassr at the Riyadh Season Cup.Cristiano Ronaldo was compelled to board the “regular bus” following the postponement of the Al Nassr match in China.Due to his injury sustained during the match against Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed regret to the Chinese supporters a few days ago that the friendlies would have to be postponed. Ronaldo was forced to travel by ordinary bus after the match.


Since the Knights of Najd were compelled to work under the supervision of a regular superior, it would seem that the general populace has not acknowledged the contrition. Essentially Sports reports that the update’s social media popularity and subsequent criticism of the 38-year-old and his group were unsurprising outcomes.


Without a doubt, the organizers are extremely agitated. Consider how the Portugal star’s tour of China concluded in an unfavorable manner.Al Nassr, the team of Cristiano Ronaldo, had special travel arrangements to China arranged by the team’s supporters and organizers. They were, however, rescheduled tour dates instead of attending their idol’s performance.


As the Knights of Najd departed the country, the organizers provided them with an ordinary bus to the airport in lieu of the customary tour bus that is provided for visiting teams. Social media users not only expressed gratitude for the gesture but also derided Cristiano Ronaldo and his team for failing to partake in the amicable exchange and honor their commitment.


Despite encountering annoyances and pests, Al Nassr is likely to return to the United States. A journalist from Saudi Arabia recently noted on the ticketing platform that the tour has been rescheduled for September 30.


Furthermore, it has been confirmed by Cristiano Ronaldo that the group will make a future visit to the country. Thus, it seems probable that a return will occur this year.