Ronaldo names his eight greatest players of all time - but makes glaring omission. - sportupdate
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Ronaldo names his eight greatest players of all time – but makes glaring omission.



Ronaldo enumerates his eight all-time finest players, but omits a glaring member.Ronaldo enumerates his eight all-


time finest players, but omits a glaring member.

Ronaldo, a legendary Brazilian player, selected eight players above all others and, in a controversial move, omitted his namesake Cristiano Ronaldo from his list.Cristiano Ronaldo was left out of the pantheon of football when his namesake, the Brazilian Ronaldo, enumerated eight players who are unparalleled.


The Al Nassr forward is one of the most decorated players in history, having won five Ballon d’Ors, five Champions League trophies, and league titles in Spain, Italy, and England, in addition to an extensive collection of goalscoring records. He is without a doubt among the finest players in the history of the sport.


Ronaldo even suggested, in conjunction with Lionel Messi, that the Portuguese sensation is from a “other planet.” Nevertheless, the legend of Brazil may have higher standards than the majority.Two Ballon d’Ors were obtained by the 47-year-old with 352 goals in 518 contests. He was a World Cup runner-up in 1998 and again carried the weight of expectation for the Selecao before finally delivering in 2002.Perhaps his career trajectory could have been altered by a series of knee injuries, leaving a generation of football enthusiasts to speculate on alternative outcomes. His talent was recognized with a golden boot at the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the Ballon d’Or, and the FIFA World Player of the Year award. However, after missing over a season of action, it is still conceivable that he was capable of accomplishing more.


Ronaldo nonetheless believes he belongs among the game’s all-time greats. He disclosed his selection to the Guardian in 2022, which comprised two additional Brazilians.


“I think there is a very, very special group,” he reiterated. “Among them are Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Franz Beckenbauer, Pele, Marco Van Basten, and Ronaldinho.” I myself would be included. Fans should say what they want and discuss it in the pubs. However, ranking them and comparing generations is not possible.”Although I am referred to as the “Original Ronaldo,” there have been others who claimed the same title, and they were not lying. There will be others who surpass me in every way; I am not alone in this regard.


“I did the best that I could have done.” I’m currently engaged in other, more significant endeavors, and I intend to continue bettering myself. “I am at my wit’s end as a football player.”


After retiring in 2011, Ronaldo re-entered the competitive realm of football in 2018 by acquiring ownership. There was speculation regarding a potential transfer to QPR; however, the Brazilian legend acquired a controlling interest in Real Valladolid in 2018 and then in 2021 with his childhood club Cruzeiro.Such a move would require a substantial investment and a great deal of accountability, but it remained considerably more alluring than any management concept. That piqued Ronaldo’s interest completely.


He elaborated: “As a manager, I merely dribbled around; I purchased the teams instead.” However, I refrain from interfering, huh? Managing has never, ever piqued my interest: zero, zero, zero. Although I adore football, the thought of coaching has always horrified me.


“A participant fulfills his obligations and heads home; nothing else. A coach has twenty-five players who are all interested in (messing with) you. It is unimaginable. Negatively never. However, I admire their passion for football. “As someone who adores football, I simply could not tolerate that; they were born for it.”