‘He won’t stay’… Club’s CEO says £26m player will leave Tottenham for a bigger club soon. - sportupdate
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‘He won’t stay’… Club’s CEO says £26m player will leave Tottenham for a bigger club soon.



“He refuses to stay”… The club’s CEO expects a £26 million player to shortly depart Tottenham for a larger club.According to Genoa CEO Andres Blazquez, Radu Dragusin will not remain with Tottenham Hotspur for an extended period of time.

Have not individuals connected to the Romanian recently generated considerable controversy? After his client joined Tottenham, Dragusin’s agent, Florin Manea, stated that he sees him at Real Genoa. The CEO of Real Genoa predicts Radu Dragusin will depart Tottenham for a larger club.

The £26.7 million transfer of Radu Dragusin from Genoa was finalized by Tottenham last week (Sky Sports).


Spurs and Bayern Munich were in competition for the signature of the Romanian, and after several anxious hours, they closed the deal.


Dragusin is an extremely thrilling acquisition for Spurs; however, it appears that the consensus among those familiar with him is that Tottenham are merely a transitional phase.


In line with the sentiments expressed by his agent earlier this month, Andres Blazquez, the CEO of his former club Tottenham, concurs that Dragusin’s tenure at the club will not be protracted.


He stated to GSP, “Dragusin has tremendous potential, and I believe he will not remain with Spurs for long.” Radu will join one of the best five teams in Europe!I’ve been following Dragusin for quite some time, and I’ve observed that his career began at Sampdoria and Salernitana in Serie A. We immediately recognized that he possessed tremendous growth potential. He is an exceptionally intelligent and professional youngster who has completed every minute of play this season, making him the only player to do so.


“It is unlikely that Tottenham will be his final destination in his career.” I envision him in the future with one of Europe’s best five teams. Had Dragusin not transferred at this time, his value would have undoubtedly increased, and subsequent to his participation in Euro 2024, we would have sold him for an even higher price, ranging from €40 million to €50 million.”Dragusin must establish his worth at Tottenham.

Although nothing inherently wrong with having lofty aspirations, Radu Dragusin would appreciate it if his surroundings could moderate somewhat.


Although his transfer to Tottenham is the most significant development of his career thus far, it is important to note that he is merely a substitute for Spurs.


Dragusin will only make his team debut in the absence of Micky van de Ven or Cristian Romero. Now that they are both physically healthy, the Romanian will be relegated to a supporting role.


Dragusin, age 21, could very well advance to a more prestigious club in the future, but only after he has established himself at Tottenham. That will require quite some time.