Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mané agree after ex-Liverpool ace Jordan Henderson's Saudi comments. - sportupdate
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Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mané agree after ex-Liverpool ace Jordan Henderson’s Saudi comments.



Sadio Mané and Cristiano Ronaldo reach an agreement following former Liverpool star Jordan Henderson’s Saudi remarks.Cristiano Ronaldo has defended the Saudi Pro League,

asserting that it is superior to Ligue 1 in France. This follows the unexpected departure from Al-Ettifaq of former Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson. Ronaldo, who debuted with Al Nassr in 2022, holds the opinion that the Saudi Pro League is more competitive and continues to develop in comparison to the French league.


During the Globe Soccer Awards, Ronaldo shared his viewpoint, stating, “In all honesty, I do not consider the Saudi Pro division to be inferior to the French division. In France, there are no more than two or three teams at a respectable level; in Saudi Arabia, however, the competition is more intense; this is my personal opinion, and I speak from experience having played there for a year.At present, I believe it is superior to the French division, and we continue to make strides. Numerous players, instructors, directors, and nutritionists agree that Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a lengthy process, but it will eventually reach the highest level. “I am confident that it will eventually rank among the top three or four leagues globally; however, we will get there gradually.”


The Portuguese forward, aged 38, has been active in the Middle East for more than a year and is pleased with the Saudi Pro League’s standard of competition. He believes that the league has the potential to rank among the top three or four competitions in the world with continued development and time.


Likewise, former Liverpool forward Sadio Mané concurs. “That’s what you think, because I’m not in Europe,” he told reporters at AFCON regarding criticism of the Saudi project (as reported by the Daily Mirror). “Everyone is saddened by this. Because it is irrelevant to you people whether or not you participate in European competitions. “I am no longer active in football.”Thankfully, I can affirm that the Saudi division is an exceptionally high-quality division that attracts international attention. What matters most to me is that I am putting forth my best effort and devoting each moment to something enjoyable. “The remainder is irrelevant to me.”In the interim, Henderson joined Al Ettifaq after a 12-year tenure with Liverpool concluded. However, after six months, he is now a member of the Eredivisie powerhouse Ajax. Henderson maintains that his departure from Al-Ettifaq did not indicate the failure of the Saudi enterprise. Henderson stated at his unveiling press conference: “I have the utmost regard for the division, Al-Ettifaq, the club, and the people in that region. They made me feel extremely welcome.Henderson acknowledged that while some Saudi Pro League players may not remain committed or settle down for an extended period of time, there are also significant players who remain enthusiastic and dedicated. He emphasized that he would refrain from discussing the league or the organizations negatively. Aymeric Laporte, a former Manchester City defender, has an extensive catalogue of grievances, whereas Karim Benzema and other players are actively seeking avenues to exit the league.