'A lucky, lucky man': Rio Ferdinand says Gareth Southgate is lucky to be able to manage two Man City players. - sportupdate
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‘A lucky, lucky man’: Rio Ferdinand says Gareth Southgate is lucky to be able to manage two Man City players.



Rio Ferdinand describes Gareth Southgate as “a fortunate, fortunate man” for having the ability to coach two Manchester City players.”Lucky” is England manager Gareth Southgate, according to Rio Ferdinand, to have players under his guidance such as Phil Foden and John Stones.

Foden and Stones are among the numerous elite players at the disposal of the Three Lions manager.Gareth Southgate has had the honor of collaborating with Marcus Kyle Walker, Jack Grealish, Rico Lewis, and Kalvin Phillips, all of whom are affiliated with Manchester City.


“Lucky” Gareth Southgate, according to Rio Ferdinand, is in a position to manage Phil Foden and John Stones.

Few managers are presented with a roster of such caliber of players, particularly those who have amassed the English duo’s record-setting number of titles—20, which culminated in a treble in June of last year.


Moreover, Foden and Stones have gained insight into the complexities of the sport from a tactical pioneer such as Guardiola.Rio Ferdinand considers Gareth Southgate’s ability to coach athletes such as Phil Foden and John Stones to be a privilege.


“I would love the opportunity to manage England!” Gareth Southgate is extraordinarily fortunate! “He has earned the right to be here, but it is a fortunate generation to have the resources he does have at his disposal,” he wrote on the official YouTube channel of FIVE.


“He currently has Jude Bellingham on his back while carrying the Santiago Bernabeu.” Declan Rice, [Phil] Foden, [Bukayo Saka], [Harry] Kane, and [John] Stones.


It is intriguing to observe how Manchester City’s duo is utilized by Gareth Southgate in the Euros.

Rio Ferdinand has struck the nail on the head, as Gareth Southgate has access to superstars such as Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, and Trent Alexander-Arnold, in addition to Phil Foden and John Stones.As the European Championships commence in June of this year, it will be intriguing to observe how Southgate utilizes Foden and Stones.


The 23-year-old has been in and out of his side, and it is intriguing to see whether the former Middlesbrough manager utilizes him in a more central position, given that he has been a crucial cog in City’s success in midfield.


Likewise, similar concerns may arise regarding whether Gareth Southgate will utilize John Stones in midfield, if only in possession, as Pep Guardiola has done since the previous campaign.


Additionally, it is uncertain whether he has a backup companion in mind for the treble-winning effort besides Harry Maguire, who has appeared in only nine Premier League starts for Manchester United thus far in the current campaign.