Xabi Alonso has accomplished something this season that Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp both failed to do.. - sportupdate
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Xabi Alonso has accomplished something this season that Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp both failed to do..



This season, Xabi Alonso has accomplished something that neither Pep Guardiola nor Jurgen Klopp could.This season, Xabi Alonso

has achieved a feat that neither Pep Guardiola nor Jurgen Klopp were able to accomplish.Undoubtedly, Xabi Alonso is the most favored candidate among all individuals to succeed Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool manager. It is evident even abrasively below the surface as to the reason.


Alonso has consistently garnered admiration at Anfield. His supporters at the club idolized him. Even after joining Real Madrid from the Reds, his relationship with the club never deteriorated. However, this does not apply to all individuals who departed amidst that period of unrest.Moreover, he has consistently been regarded as an astute participant on the field, someone who adeptly interprets the dynamics of the game. His ascent to a managerial position has not come as a surprise. Everything appeared to be a natural progression. He has worked diligently to advance his career. After instructing at the academy of Real Madrid, he advanced to the B team of Real Sociedad before joining Leverkusen.


The accomplishments of Xabi Alonso this season

It is evident that his managerial accomplishments have garnered significant attention this season. Already remarkable was Alonso’s contribution to Leverkusen’s transformation from relegation contenders to European qualifying in the previous campaign.Nonetheless, his accomplishments this season are unparalleled. This season, not even Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola have accomplished as much as Alonso’s Leverkusen side. Alonso is the only manager in Europe’s top five divisions who has yet to suffer a loss across all competitions thus far this year. Guardiola’s Manchester City and Klopp’s Liverpool have both lost multiple games thus far this season.


In contrast, Alonso’s Leverkusen have gone thirty games without suffering a loss. Furthermore, with only two games remaining, they can surpass the German record of 32 matches without a loss.


Such an extraordinary accomplishment was accomplished by Alonso. Simply put, the statistics do not lie. Liverpool would be better off with him as their most logical alternative. Just this season, his record has demonstrated why.