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Man Utd legend Roy Keane made to look foolish as bad prediction resurfaces



“What is Liverpool? Disregard it…” Man United legend Roy Keane is humiliated when an erroneous prediction resurfaces.Six years ago, Liverpool and Sevilla drew after Liverpool squandered a two-goal lead, and Keane was unreserved in his assessment on ITV’s highlights program.

Liverpool committed errors that led to both of Sevilla’s goals, which is why Keane asserted that his side would never win the “big prizes.”


The 2017 prediction made by Manchester United legend Roy Keane regarding Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp has aged horribly.


Friday, Klopp made a shocking announcement to the footballing world: he would be leaving Liverpool at the conclusion of this season.


The 56-year-old will preside over the remaining matches of this season for Liverpool before concluding his remarkable eighteen-month tenure in England.


Klopp has amassed victories in the Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, and Premier League since his arrival at Anfield in 2015.He has reestablished the Reds as a formidable force in the Premier League and will be remembered with an extraordinary legacy.


Several years have passed since we arrived at this juncture. Upon his initial arrival on Merseyside, Klopp encountered censure from both supporters and analysts, who highlighted his inadequate ability to construct a defensive structure.


Keane was among the initial critics who believed that Klopp was unqualified for the task.”This sums up Liverpool in a nutshell and why they’re not going to win any big prizes,” the Irishman declared.”Even turning off in response to a throw-in results in an equalizer.” At this critical juncture of a vital game.


“Experienced players simply disengaged.” The manager must be driven insane by this, as it is merely juvenile defending.


“Switching on is the simplest portion of the football tackle. “Liverpool performed admirably in terms of quality, pace, power, and opportunity creation, but they struggle to accomplish the simple tasks.”Forget about Liverpool’s desire to win the Champions League.


“I mean, they should have enough to get through the group, but in the knockout stages against the Real Madrids and all these boys, they’ll be laughing at Liverpool.”


Liverpool claimed the Champions League and posed a Premier League challenge to Manchester City two years subsequent to Keane’s remarks.


After an additional year and a half, Klopp led the club to its first domestic league victory since 1990.