Emma Hayes claims Sarina Wiegman's contract extension is a 'smart move' for England and admits she would like to face her with USA at the 2027 World Cup. - sportupdate
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Emma Hayes claims Sarina Wiegman’s contract extension is a ‘smart move’ for England and admits she would like to face her with USA at the 2027 World Cup.



Wiegman signed a new contract with the Lionesses earlier this week, securing her continued participation for the upcoming two tournaments.

The Lionesses manager is now among the highest-paid individuals in women’s football, second only to Hayes, who will begin her managerial duties with the United States this summer.Hayes responded when asked about the possibility of facing Wiegman in 2027, “Outstanding performance, outstanding manager, deserving of her current position and all that she has.”


“I believe it is a wise decision on the part of England.” England is cognizant of the fact that they possess an exceptional manager. Having sufficient familiarity with her, I can attest to the fact that she is exceedingly competitive and will persist in challenging that group.


We consider ourselves to be competitors. When the time comes for us to face off against one another, it will be lively.


“Until then, we must ensure that everything runs smoothly so that we can have the England players at Chelsea in time for her to organize her squad for the internationals.”


Prior to that, you must qualify for the World Cup. Thus, I believe it is premature to discuss the World Cup at this time.Wiegman also acknowledged that facing Hayes would be “exciting” and believes her relocation to the United States is beneficial for the women’s game.


“Her move to the United States is also a good one,” the Lionesses manager stated.”At this time, the collaboration is beneficial due to the presence of England international players at Chelsea.” After May, however, we will become adversaries.


“Even that is exciting.” Although I naturally wish her the best of success, it is not against us.