DONE DEAL: Federico Valverde To Liverpool Is “DEAL COMPLETED”. - sportupdate
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DONE DEAL: Federico Valverde To Liverpool Is “DEAL COMPLETED”.



The German allegedly refuses to “give up” the Uruguayan international, prompting Liverpool to “come back” with a £77 million (€90 million) bid for the midfielder.Liverpool ‘wɑnted to take

advantage’ of Valverde’s demotion at the Bernabeu due to the arrival of Brahim Diaz and Jude Bellingham.Valverde was dubbed the Reds’ “freezer” by Nacional, and Klopp is of the opinion that he will be an ideal complement to Liverpool’s style of play.According to the article, Liverpool will allegedly make an even larger offer if Real Madrid rejects their most recent offer of £77 million. This amount seems high considering Liverpool’s recent purchases of Mac Allister and Szoboszlai.According to Neil Jones, a former journalist for Goal and Liverpool Echo, Thiago Alcantara, a midfielder for Anfield, has not had any bids to leave the club this summer, despite rumors to the contrary.”Whilst Liverpool have not yet received any bids for Thiago Alcântara, Fenerbahçe is reportedly interested in the midfielder, so the club could make a decision on him soon,” Jones tweeted.