Ahead of Liverpool's Europa League contest, Ibrahima Konate delivers a message. - sportupdate
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Ahead of Liverpool’s Europa League contest, Ibrahima Konate delivers a message.



Ibrahima Konate communicates with Liverpool prior to their Europa League match. The 11-mile journey from Konate’s childhood home in Paris to the Stade de France, located in Stade Denis, just north of the city, has been, in many ways, quite the ordeal. His pursuit of becoming “the best central defender in the world” began in 2014, when he relocated to Sochaux, located 300 miles south of the capital, in an effort to realize that goal. He now unequivocally declares that this is his ultimate objective.

Prior to that, however, his primary objective was to earn a livelihood through football, even at the tender age of 14.”Being a professional football player was my simple aspiration at the time,” Konate explains through a translator. “To attain professional football status.” Obviously, at the age of 14, I did not consider myself a member of an elite club; if someone had asked me at that time, “At what age would you be able to possibly be playing for Liverpool?” I would have responded between the ages of 28 and 29. During that period, the aspiration was to become a professional player. “My thoughts were unable to extend beyond that.”That has been an incredibly long voyage! I recall this final from when I had just joined Sochaux many years ago. We travelled to Stade de France in order to attend the final involving the under-19s. It is inconceivable that I, mere years ago, attended my inaugural Champions League final at that venue while observing a match at that caliber from the stands. Presently, I will be engaged in the action on the turf. Indeed, it is quite a voyage!”On Wednesday, Konate turned 23, putting him five years ahead of his intended time to reach this juncture in his professional trajectory, which was 28. The defender was greeted with various renditions of “Happy Birthday” in the various languages spoken by the Liverpool squad, as is now customary, just prior to this week’s start of preparations for the third European Cup final of the Klopp era.


Since he and his siblings used to construct their own improvised footballs out of paper and adhesive tape while playing in the street when money was tight, he has come a long way. However, it was this early foundation that propelled him to the most prestigious stages this past weekend.When asked about his formative years, he states, “I used to play in the cages.” “As with the majority of young Parisians, I believe we were unable to attend football games in prestigious stadiums due to financial constraints.” Additionally, we were unable to utilize the [ideal] proposals due to a lack of suitable opportunities.”However, we discovered methods to play football anywhere and at any time, including on paper. I recall that in elementary school, we constructed footballs out of paper and Sellotape. Obviously, we didn’t require much to be joyful; we simply enjoyed playing in the streets.


“Having it constructed from foam, leather, or plastic would have occupied us throughout the day.” My siblings and I used to play in those cages in the street, and I believe that is why we possess these characteristics.


“It is common knowledge that Paris is a hotbed of talent.” “Today, I’ve had the good fortune to reach this level, but that’s not the end in itself; I still have a great deal of ambition and purpose in pursuit of.”Since his official arrival at Anfield in July, Konate, whose £36 million transfer from RB Leipzig was verified a year prior, has had an outstanding debut. So far this month, the recently-minted 23-year-old has appeared in 28 games, including a triumphant FA Cup final encounter against Chelsea.


The Reds have had a lengthy season, having completed a domestic double in the competitions prior to being edged out for the Premier League title by a single point last week. However, the most significant of their 63 games this season remains to be played, as Klopp’s squad faces the 13-time European champions on Saturday evening in the most important club fixture in football.It will be an especially momentous occasion for Konate, as he intends to conclude the season on a high note. It is evident that he desires to recreate the images that have captivated his attention for the duration of this discussion.


Konate states, “We have had so many big games before we begin to properly consider it.” “However, it is approaching extremely, extremely quickly, and we must prepare ourselves for it.” I am anticipating returning home with the title. “What a narrative it would be if I could visit my birthplace of Paris and return to Liverpool carrying that trophy for an unforgettable celebration!””The club desires to demonstrate that it is already a part of football history, and it intends to do so annually thereafter. Having a shared history and a motto that states “You’ll Never Walk Alone Together” is therefore beyond description and beyond my wildestestest imagination.